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How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in either in the Custom Gallery or on the forum, go to the UserOps tab in the top view bar all the way on the right and select "Change Password". Type in your current password, then your new password and retype it, and finally, hit save.

Password change screen shot

I forgot my password

Go to the UserOps tab in the top view bar all the way on the right and select "Forgot Password".


In the Forgot Password screen fill in your username and the email address you used when you registered the account. Hit the "Send New Password" button. It will automatically send an email to that account with a new password.


How do I change my email address?

Go to the UserOps tab in the top view bar all the way on the right and select "Change Email".


How do I change my screen name?

You can't. You can request the admin to change your screen name, but you cannot manually make the change yourself. This is to ensure that your account is linked correctly throughout the site.

User profile and the user CP

To change any of the information in your profile, avatar, signature, and/or set your preferences for the site, you can access this in the Control Panel, displayed towards the top of your screen on the forum pages.


Once you are in the Control Panel you can adjust any of the Options in the side bar.


How do I change my account details?

You can edit any of your account information using the User Control Panel located at the top left on the forum pages.


How do I edit my profile?

Select "Profile" from the Options sidebar and then select "Edit Profile". Only fill in the fields you want viewable by others in your profile.

What is an avatar and how do I change my avatar?

An avatar is a picture that identifies you with your post on the forum along with your name. Some people change their avatars often. Some don't change them at all. Since we are a GI Joe related board we have a lot of GI Joe related avatars.

To change your avatar, go to the Control Panel, on the Options sidebar select "Edit Avatar". You can add an avatar in 4 different ways. Any of the following methods will work as long as they meet these requirements. Maximum dimensions; width: 100 pixels, height: 100 pixels, file size: 24.41 KiB. If your image is not that size you need to specifiy the size in the provided field.

  • Upload a picture from your computer by hitting the "Browse" button and selecting the picture you want to use.
  • Enter the URL of the location containing the image. The image will be copied to this site.
  • Enter the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to directly link to.
  • Choose an image of a Cobra or GI Joe character from the Gallery by clicking "Display Gallery". From the drop down menu select the year the character was introduced, then hit the circle below the picture of the character you want, and then hit the Submit button.

Avatar1.JPG Avatar2.JPG

How do I change my signature?

To edit your signature choose "Edit Signature" under Profile on the Options sidebar of the Control Panel. This is a block of text that will appear under every post you make on the board. You can have up to 255 characters which can include, links, Joemoticons, quotes or pretty much anything besides something that violates the forum rules or is a picture.

I can't stay logged in - what's happening?

Staying logged in is managed by the site putting a cookie on your computer - your browser or firewall settings may prevent this. Alternatively some virus scanners can delete all cookies when they scan. In any other event put a query in the board's Site Stuff forum or email the admin.

I checked "email me when I get a new PM / new post in this thread", but I'm not getting them!

Check your spam folder, your mail program or firewall may be blocking them as spam. If not check that you saved your preferences when you changed them.

How do I get a user title?

The user title is a small message appearing between either the user location and avatar, or username and avatar. There are two types, "ranks" and group designations. Group designations are for site staff such as admins. moderators, gallery staff, wiki editors and site sponsors only.

"Ranks" are distributed by Beav or pluv as a dubious award for something the poster has said, done or become noted for. You can also earn one for make a donation to the site. Repeatedly asking for one will greatly reduce your chances of ever getting one, or result in one you wouldn't want (of course, most titles are ones you wouldn't want...).

Why are some member's names in different colors?

Simply as an identifyer for groups. There is a Legend down at the bottom of the Forums. Name colors.JPG

I can't find an old thread no matter how I search - where is it?

Some of the board sections have an auto deletion system so threads that haven't been posted in for some time are removed. This is to prevent thread necromancy and reduce server load.

I'm new, how should I act?

Read up on the rules and, to quote Beav, "it all boils down to "Don't be a dick to your fellow posters".

I don't know exactly where to post a new topic, what should I do?

Just post it where you think it goes, if it's not in the right spot a moderator will move it to the correct one.

Brawler, sammiches, Dassaffe... what's it all mean?

Check out the Meta section for information on site running jokes.

How do I add a picture to my post?

There are two ways to add an image to your post. You can attach an image by uploading it from your computer which will save it to the site. Or you can embed the image from a url somewhere else.

How do I attach an image in my post?

After hitting Reply in a thread scroll down to the "Upload Attachment" portion of the New Topic/Reply screen. Hit the "Browse" button and choose the picture from you computer. You can also add a file comment. Now hit the "Add the File" button. It will add the images to the bottom of your post when you submit it in the reverse order you attached them (ie the last one you attach will appear first.


What are the limitations for attaching an image to my post?

The file size of your image can only be 256 KB. Also, you may only attach 3 images per post. You can reply to your original post if you have additional images to attach in a thread.

How do I place an image in the text of my post?

In order to have the image appear in a specific portion of your post's text, you can hit the "Place Inline" button after adding your file.


How do I delete an image from my post?

You can delete the image by hitting the "Delete File" button of the "Posted Attachment" section of the reply or edit screen.


How do I manage my attachments to the forum?

To manage or view previous attachments, go to your User Control Panel and select the "Manage Attachments" from the Options sidebar.


How do I embed an image in my post from an offsite url?

To embed an image from another url that allows "hotlinking", such as your own photobucket account simply use the image coding in your post.

Example: [image][/image]

How do I put a link, quote, etc in my post?

The board software supports several methods - first is clicking the insert button above the text box when posting, the second is to manually type the tags.

Html buttons.JPG

Embedded links and email addresses

Either hit the "URL" button or input the HTML code [url][/url]. You can also hyperlink the webpage with just a word or description using this code, []Your Description[/url]. In this instance people can click on the words "Your Description" and be linked to your webpage.

Html buttons.JPG

Quotes text

To quote someone you can use the "Quote" button or use the code [quote="So and So"]Their quote.[/quote]

Html buttons.JPG

If you are replying to someone's post you can hit the "quote (with reply)" button right next to the "reply" button.

Adding a YouTube video

To add a YouTube video you cna either hit the "youtube" button or use the code [youtube][/youtube]

Html buttons.JPG

Adding a spoiler tag so I don't ruin things for people

To Black out any spoiler you want to reveal to people, please use the spoiler button or the spoiler code [spoiler]Top Secret Text[/spoiler]. This will create a Black block of text over whatever you don't want everyone to see. You can view it by highlighting and scrolling over the text. Although smilies/Joemoticons will show through.

Html buttons.JPG

Adding a line through text to show it has been altered

To strike through text your post you can either hit the "strike" button or you can input the code [strike]Brawler sucks[/strike]. Typically this is done more as a joke, but it does have its uses.

Html buttons.JPG

Manually putting in tags

If you know the correct code ([url] [/url] for links etc) it can be manually entered into the post text box and will display as if you used the buttons - this also works in the quick reply box.

How do I use the PM (Private Message) system?

Registered members have access to a Private Message system so we can communicate with other board members. Once you are logged on you should an envelope icon along with a "new PMs" link. You can click that link whether you have new PMs or not.


You can go through your User Control Panel to access your InBox.


What are my PM Options?

The PM system stores the messages similar to an emailsystem by date received. You can send a message, compose a draft of a message and save it for later to send, view your sent messages, view your Outbox, set up folders and rules for received messages, and delete messages.


How do I send a PM?

Hitting "Compose message" in the Options sidebar will bring up the new message screen. List the board member(s) name you want to send the message to. If sending to multiple recipients, hit enter after each name. Then hit "Add To" or "Add BCC" (blind carbon copy, meaning none of the other recipients will know you sent it to the BCC recipients). hit the "Remove" button if you do not wish to send the message to that person.

Essentially the rest of the PM process is very similar to creating a new topic on the board. Add a subject. Type the body of your message. You can add tags, coding, Joemoticons, etc. just like a a board message.


What is the difference between a Sent message and the messages in my Outbox?

Once you hit "Send" the message goes to your Outbox. Until the recipient reads the message it will only appear in the Outbox. Once it is read it will appear in Sent Messages and not the Outbox.

What should I be aware of about the PMs?

  1. While the system is private from other board members it is not private from the Admin. The Admin/owner of the site retains the right to review the content of any of the messages sent, stored, or received on the system.
  2. Do NOT use the PM system as permanent storage of important information. Private Messages take up space on the server. Please delete message you no longer need and transfer important information elsewhere. If the site should ever have problems with storage space PMs would be the first thing to go. Also, PMs are locked in the event of a site software update or transfer.

How do I delete a private message form my inbox?

click in the box all the way to the right of the message information in your inbox. This should leave a green check mark. You cna check off all the messages you want to delete.


Scroll down to the bottom of the first page in your inbox and click the drop down menu and select "Delete Messages". This will delete all of the checked off messages.


What is a Foe and how do I get one?

A Foe is someone you do not like dealing with on the forum. Rather than continually getting on each others nerves you can use the built in Foe feature. 1) Go to your User Control Panel. 2) From the left side navigation bar, select "Friends & Foes". 3) Then select "Manage Foes". 4) Type in the screen name for as many users you don't wish to see posts or Private Messages from. 5) Click the Submit button. A prompt will ask, "Are you sure you wish to carry out this operation?" Click "Yes. Then a message will appear that states, "Your Foes list has been updated successfully", along with a link to return back to the User Control Panel. There will be no notification that you are ignoring them other than your lack of response. On the forum, in discussion threads, there will be a single line with a clickable link for anyone on your ignore list. If you click the view link it will show your Foe's post.


My question isn't answered here, what can I do?

Post a query in the Site Stuff forum, check the board help or email the admin.

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