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Have you ever just been totally thrilled by a customizer's character selection? Like, they always seem to pick projects that totally line up with what you'd like to see get made, possibly some from your very own WIP list? Well that's how we feel about December 2014's Featured Customizer. unknownsoldier13's body of work matches up perfectly with our sensibilities. What's more, is that his skills have really ramped up over the past couple of years. From character selection, to paint, to parts choice, to sculpting, he's got it all. After you read what he has to say about the hobby, go check out his work in the Gallery and the Critiques section.

First of all I would like to thank everyone that was involved in selecting me as a featured customizer. It truly is an honor and it makes me proud to know that my work has been selected to stand next to all the other past recipients of the award. Sincerely, Thank You! Now onto the questions;


What do you enjoy customizing the most?

For me it's all about the comics! Most of the figures I produce are DC characters and that's not because I don't like Marvel, I just feel their ahead of the game in getting fellow collectors the characters they want, and the quality they deserve.

What brand of paint do you prefer?

I'm guilty of using the cheap stuff. All the brands that you find at Wal-mart,(Apple Barrel, Folk Art) It's not that I prefer them over or would not try the better paint, It's because its easily accessible and I can go out and pick up any color when I run out without the week or two wait buying online.

Where do you find inspiration for your customs?

Again comics! I'm a huge Bat-Man fan and anything from that universe that I like is getting made. Also DC comics in general as mentioned above, I feel they've kind of gotten the short end from Mattel as far as figure quality (At least in the smaller scale.) Aside from that. My fellow customizers. I can't tell you how many times Spin Doctor, Dr. Bindy , Iron Will , or countless others have beaten me to the punch in making figures that I wanted to add to my collection, Then I have to borrow (steal) from those ideas. Most of those I don't post though.

What do you consider to be your best tools of the trade?

First off, My Dremel tool. I don't think I've made a single custom without using it somewhere. After that definitely Ave's Apoxie Sculpt. This is something that I shied away from in the past but find myself using on about 90% of my customs now. And finally a good brush, Go out and spend a few bucks and get a good brush that won’t split constantly.

What is your strongest area when it comes to customizing?

That's a hard one as I'm probably my own worst critic. Once I get done I try to look away from projects because I'm constantly seeing my mistakes. Where I should have done this or not used that. If you're breaking my arm I would have to submit and say, paint. It's the stage I look forward to the most in any project as it pulls the whole thing together.

Some of our favorite customs

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