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How did you get started in customizing GI Joe? What led you to the brand, what type of stuff were you doing before?

When the 25th came out I didn't pay much attention to them. I just assumed they were re releases of what I had as a kid, I didn't know that they were new sculpts. I probably saved a lot of money because of this. I had no idea that people were customizing action figures until I stumbled upon it on Facebook. I used to race RC cars, but that is an expensive hobby.

How did you discover JoeCustoms?

I discovered the JoeCustoms podcast and website from listening to old episodes of the What's On Joe Mind podcast. I operate heavy machinery and listen to podcasts all day.

What are your hobbies outside of Joe customizing?

I love old cars, and we recently picked up a 1971 Chevelle with 33,000 miles we have named Nana. It's the ultimate grandma car. I also enjoy customizing 6" Black Series Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers.

What figure/vehicle are you most proud of? If they all had to go, which would be the one that you wouldn't part with?

My Vulture BAT. It's always the first set of pictures I'll show someone that is interested in my customs.

Gooch vulture bat.JPG

Where/what/who do you draw your inspiration or ideas from?

The most inspiring custom that made me want to start trying customizing is TR1ER's Tripwire. I also think Pugsley's Custom Action Figures does some really amazing updated characters.

Can you name something that you did that turned out way better than you expected it to? And something that you finished that you just weren't happy with and why?

One of my favorite customs was my very first, an Arctic Beachhead. It has the Parka from the unreleased Arctic Threat Duke. Painting all of the little details on it really brings it to life. A custom that I am disappointed in is my version of Zartan I made a hood for him and it just doesn't sit right, looks more like a helmet.

Gooch beachhead.jpg

What tricks and tips have you mastered that you can share with everyone?

I haven't mastered any aspect in my opinion. I struggle most with painting camouflage. My strongest point, I think would be my parts choice.

What do you find the most enjoyable about customizing? What about the most frustrating?

The most enjoyable part of customizing for me is that it is an escape. The most frustrating part of it is painting camouflage, and finding the time to do it.

You got time, and you got money, and you have the space. What do you build? And why?

I really want to try and build a POC version Whale hovercraft. I have one that I have widened and lengthened the base skirt. I just need to scratch build the entire top of it. It was one of my favorite vehicles as a kid.

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