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You created a Death of TeknoKyo custom and then disappeared for a while. Can you tell us what that was all about?

At that time I was smoking a lot after something happened 2 my life ... and just collapse ... my doctor told me I won't have much longer 2 live if I don't stop. I was not really worried about dying just some fear of what will happen to people I care for and disapointment I'll cause them. That was 2-3 years ago ... I still smoke 2 packs per day ... not that I bother much with life but there are still lots of things I wanna do before I go. When I die it'll just be a small step towards world peace.

How do you paint skin so realistically?

Lots of shading ... different paint shades ... I guess it's a lot of practice.

As a fan of both Boba Fett and Snake Eyes, who would win in a fight?

Snakes ... cause he's a Ninja.... :)

What do you consider to be your weakest skill set when it comes to customizing?

Sculpting faces.

What about your strongest skill set?

Inspiration ... feelings ... most of the figs I make is due to some inspiration ... not a skill maybe but it's what makes a custom come out nice or otherwise.

You have pretty much customized every style of GI Joe figure. Which style of figure is your favorite to work with?

TeknoKyo: JvC type figs because I have lots of them ... easier 4 me... still have 1K+ figs. But for customizing ... besides joes ... I prefer Microman now.

What custom work are you the most proud of and why?

Hmm ... not really proud but it gave me quite some satisfaction when I completed the Ninja Gaiden fig and it came out pretty much like what it should be.

Are there any specific parts that you like to use that other customizers would not?

I like working with JvC Depthcharge parts ... [because] most any fig can be made with some putty on it.

What is the most important tip you would pass on to a new customizer?

Make sure to read those guides on Joecustoms.com ... ;) Before starting out buy lotsa figs/body parts cheaply off ebay or anywhere on Sale. Reason is using them as trial and error fodders on top of options and variety with volume.

If you could take one figure with you to the afterlife, which one would it be?

A Maple Story online game character figure that I made for my darling when I broke off with her.

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