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Chief I just wanted to add a few points wear you may be errored. It sounds like you are from the Bragg community, possibly a 180 series type guy, however in my experience as a SOF support type, I see some things that could be corrected. 1. E1-E4s in SOF: We have lots of them in support roles. The 112th Sig Bn is full of them, the Group Support Battalions, Ranger Battalions and Group HQs have many too. Not to mention PSYOP. 2. You did bring up my biggest problem with Joe lore in regards to rank though. Lack of promotions. People with their talents would have become contractors to make some more money if they had been E-5s forever... 3. Hawk's rank. Don't forget a Joint Special Operations Task Force is often commanded by a one-star and they can be as few as a few hundred assigned there. Due to the Joe's unique arrangements within DOD, His senior rank may help work the system. 4. Command structure. It is clear the Joes visibily do not have a traditional HQs, I believe a bunch of green shirts may fill those roles though. 5. Officers not working for enlisted. It does happen, White House Communications Agency is a great example. Team chiefs are assigned by seniority and technical knowledge everyone else answers to them, including the many captains assigned there. 6. Enlisted don't fly, except in black SOF. I sat beside a SEAL NCO for months in Afg that was current and qualified on multi-engine A/C. Training was funded by the command. It does happen but is indeed very, very rare. He only flew non-standard A/C. Certainly, the 160th SOAR is not going to have any. 7. Otherwise a great write up.

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