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Thanks to chad_ghost, Jay, DarkJedi, Snikt, and DanOfTheDead for pulling all of this information together.

As a mail away offer you could fill out the application form below for your Steel Brigade figure.


Depending on which traits and training you selected for your figure the filecard would be returned with one of the Traits, Abilities, Personalities from the list below.


TRAITS (3 out of 3)

  • Extremely self reliant, <NAME> spends a lot of time alone. His mind is always at work though, as he contemplates his next strategic move. He has high expectations and aims to fulfill them.
  • Command comes naturally to <NAME>. His self assurance as well as his ability to lead men in difficult situations is evident as he guides his fellow officers in dangerous combat.
  • <NAME>'s calm manner masks his remarkable capabilities as a military strategist. His fellow officers, however, are aware of his courage and knowledge of small arms and laser weaponry.

ABILITIES (4 out of 4)

  • <NAME> has an extraordinarily bright mind. His skillful calculations and strategic planning by the book enable his team to always be one step ahead of the Cobra forces.
  • When the heat is on, <NAME> gives his best performance. His fellow officers are often in awe of his quick response to explosive situations and his ability to diffuse them.
  • <NAME>'s spirit and intense energy level motivate the rest of the team. When battle erupts, <NAME> is always at the front of the line, ready for whatever is necessary to defend and protection his country.
  • <NAME>'s instinct for survival as well as his strength and determination make him one of the most valuable men on the team. He has the will to sustain even the most treacherous conditions, plus a working knowledge or guerilla and jungle tactics.

PERSONALITY (4 out of 4)

  • <NAME> is in a league by himself. There is no obstacle too great for him as he forges ahead to defeat the Cobra forces. His fellow soldiers are often left trailing behind this natural athlete.
  • <NAME> is truly fascinating, for although he has proven his abilities as a fine soldier, his talents reach far beyond the battlefield. A closer look at <NAME> reveals a brilliant artistic mind.
  • <NAME>'s honesty and loyalty are just two of the qualities that make him MVP in any platoon. He is not only there to share in the triumphs, but also to help his fellow comrades through intense combat situations.
  • <NAME>'s intelligence and efficiency earn him the respect he deserves. His fellow officers look to him for advice and would follow his orders into the thick of battle.


DarkJedi provided examples of his Steel Brigade file cards.

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