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An attempt to provide a guide to some of the terms used in the hobby. Also, please see Acronyms and Abbreviations.



ARAH era - 82-94 and 97-98. 97-98 was a TRU exclusive launch of the line.

ARAHC(Collection) era - 2000-2002

Articulation - Areas on a figure that move. A figure that has a reasonable amount of movement of body parts and limbs that move present a fun toy to pose in many ways. usually 25-30+ points of articulation (POA) is expected.

Apologist - A fan that feels a company they support can do no wrong and will argue a subject to the point of alienating themselves within a community.


Bash - modifying parts that wouldn't normally fit together in such a way so that they do work together.

Bootleg - Unlicensed item but close to if not equal in quality to a mass produced item

Big Box Store - Big national or multi-regional chain department stores, Examples: Target, Wal-Mart, or Toys R Us. May also include the occasional grocery store chain where toys can be found, like Krogers.

Brick and Mortar - Stores with actual physical locations as opposed to an online store

Buck - "buck" is a truncated form of the term "Standard Buck". A Standard Buck is the basis for the articulation of an action figure. It sets the minimums needed to manufacture a figure. In order to accomidate the needed engineering, and meet specific tolerances, parts can not be any smaller than the "Buck". May also refer to character specific height/size differences varying from the standard buck.


Cheap Plastic - Low quality plastic that is easy to break and brittle. Vintage Gold plastic is notoriously brittle.

Cannon Fodder - low level soldier or character who will inevitably die, see Star Trek Red Shirt.

Comic Packs - Two or more figures sold along with a comic that ties the figures together.


dasaffe - Board member whose name has now become the de facto "none of the above" option for forum polls.

Devil's Due Publishing - held the comic book license for GI Joe 2001-2007 through Image Comics.

DiC - animation company for the GI Joe cartoon from 1989-1992


E-tailor - combination of Electronic Retailer meaning online store

Endcap - department store displays at the end of an isle facing the isle

Exclusive - an item that is only available through certain stores or only available through certain means such as a convention or online stores.


Fanboy - A fan that is overly enthusiastic and will like anything that comes out within a particular toy line no matter what.

Fodder - Collection of figure or vehicle parts considered to be extra for customizing or trade.

Fodder bin - used to hold custom fodder. May be a box, plastic tote, or drawer(s) of some kind.


Gray Market - Source for items that were produced in a factory but not sold at retail, usually ebay dealers in Asia


Happy Meal Toy - Used as a deragatory term for limited articulated figures, comparing them to the cheaper toy tie-ins packed with fast food kid's meals

Hasblow - A derogatory term for Hasbro combining the company name with the verb "to blow".

Hiatus - Death of the line. Any time the word "hiatus" has come up whether it is the action figure line or the cartoon, it has meant an end for that particular concept.

Hunter PR - the GI Joe brand's public relations firm


IDW - The current publisher for the GI Joe comic book


Joeticulating - Giving a non-GI Joe figure the articulation of a GI Joe figure, usually by adding the hip t-bar crotch articualtion.

Joener - Being aroused by the excitement of something related to GI Joe. - Example: "I got a Joener watching the Gi Joe:Retailiation trailer."

Joeverse - 1) Used to describe the world in which GI Joe exists; 2) Used to describe someone's alternate vision for the world in which GI Joe exists


Kitbash - Taking accessories/clothes/weapons from several different figures and putting them together to create a new custom. Originates from the model building hobby where parts from several different model kits would be used to create an entirely new model. Some of the Hasbro vehicle designers were known to have kitbashed model parts into the GI Joe vehicles.

Knock Off - Unlicensed item that is usually of inferior quality compared to a mass produced item

Kickstarter - a site used to raise funds for certain projects. Smaller toy companies have used it to get initial capital to begin manufacturing or for existing companies to get projects going quicker. "Backers" usually receive different perks depending on the preset level of their donations.


Marvel - Marvel Comics, the first publisher for the GI Joe comic book

Modern era - 2007-present. With the introduction of the 25th Anniversary line, the construction for the figures changed dramatically removing the o-ring and adding several points of articulation. This articulation carried through the 25th homage line, through the Rise of Cobra movie line and the follow up Pursuit of Cobra branding of the line, and continues in the 30th Anniversary and Renegades incarnation. Since the 25th Anniversary sparked the design change it is used interchangeably with "25th" or "25th Anniv"


New Sculpt era - 2002-2006. This was the era marked by entirely new sculpts being created for the line and includes the GI Joe vs Cobra, Spy Troops, Valor vs Venom, and Direct to Consumer (DTC) branding of the line as well as the Built to Rule (BTR) incarnation of the figures. NOTE: The first series of GI Joe vs Cobra were t-crotch figures, missing the o-ring construction. Most of those figures were later retooled to include the O-ring.


Overhead - Storage areas above the isle displays where workers will store extra stock or collectors will hide something to purchase later

O-ring - Circular (or oval) rubber ring that holds ARAH figures upper and lower bodies together


Peg Warmer - a figure so unwanted in the numbers produced and shipped that it clogs the peg hooks in the toy isles


Rare - An item that is hard to find but still within reason that most people will locate it with persistence.

Renegades - Hub network animated cartoon series that lasted one season (see "hiatus"), in which the Joe team was a small group being hunted not only by Flint's Army team, but also by the Cobra Corporation and its agents (see A-Team).

Resolute - Cartoon Network animated 5 minute clips combined for one cohesive movie. It is best known for its darker, grittier overtones. Also had some figures made and released in the line and as online exclusives packs.

Rise of Cobra - 2009 Paramount Pictures movie and corresponding action figure line and licensed merchandise including video game.

Rivets - Metal or plastic connection pieces mostly used on ARAH elbow and shoulder joints.


Scarce - An item that is very hard to find. Sometimes to the point that some people never have seen the item in store.

Shop/Shopped - A photoshopped image, usually of a board member or digital rendering on a custom

Short Packed - A figure or vehcile shipped in limited quantities, usually 1 per case.

Sigma 6 - 8 inch figures that replaced the DTC new sculpt line of figures before being replaced by 25th Anniversary. Highly articulated figures with interchangeable weapons systems and soft goods clothes. Also had a syndicated cartoon. Refered to by some 3 3/4" loyalists as "Sigma Sux".

Snake Staked - Banned from JoeCustoms.

Standard Buck - the basis for the articulation of an action figure. It sets the minimums needed to manufacture a figure. In order to accomidate the needed engineering, and meet specific tolerances, parts can not be any smaller than the "Buck". May also refer to character specific height/size differences varying from the standard buck.

Swappers - Figure swappers will exchange a figure in a package with a less desirable figure, reseal the package, and then return the item for a refund.

Sunbow - The animation company responsible for the original cartoon


T-bar - Metal connector on ARAH figures that connections the legs to the O-ring. It is a curved hook that connects to a perpendicular shaft with a sphere on either end. The spheres go on the inside of the thigh pieces.

T-crotch - a type of articulation at the waist that uses a swivel hip instead of a ball joint. Vintage Star Wars figures were the first to incorporate this style of figure. They are also the bane of many GI Joe collectors.

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