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written by JoeMichaels70

Best Customizing Screwdriver Evah!

Screwdriver 1.jpg

The Husky HD-74501 V (sold at Home Depot, under $6) - I know that seems a little steep, but you're actually getting 8 Screwdrivers! Each of the removable drivers is reversible: flat head & phillips. Sizes included are 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, and a perfect Joe-Size 1/8". The three not-in-use drivers are stored inside the body of the tool.

The red cap for the body spins rather freely after snapping into place, yet doesn't pop off unexpectedly - this is great for applying pressure with your palm while spinning the tool with your fingers - it really allows for some serious torque. The whole tool with a driver in place is approximately 6 inches long, so it doesn't slip out of my manly-size hands.

The phillips head on the 1/8th is THE best I've found for removing torso & leg screws -- the angle isn't so long that it strips or jumps easily, and the blades aren't too thick to set into the screw nicely. I have, however, chipped one of the flat head drivers, but i was using it to try and pry open a lock - clearly something the tool is not designed for.

I have also used the smallest driver to repair sunglasses! I own two of these, because my wife kept taking my Joe one...

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