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The Featured Customizer for December 2012 is Robulus. He has a knack for finding unique parts for his customs that most customizers wouldn't think of. Yet when seen all painted up and completed you can't help but feel like they were made for the character. He's been able to take characters from comics, cartoons, movies, and tv shows and bring them into Joe scale in a way that is always interesting. Go check out his customs in the Gallery and in the Critiques section of the forum. But not before reading about what he has to say about customizing.


What do you enjoy customizing the most?

Well 3 ¾ scale of course and I guess I’d say comic book characters mostly. I do a lot of TV and movie characters as well mostly Sci fi. For example I’ve been working on my Silverhawks lineup most recently, and I just finished up a custom from Terra Nova this week. I’ve done a lot of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. as well. But in the end its superheroes and villains I love doing the most.


What brand of paint do you prefer?

Over the years I’ve used a combo of Americana, Apple and Tamiya brand paints for my customs. However recently I’ve begun to use Reaper brand paints, that were recommended by a fellow customizer and I’ve been very impressed with the results.

Where do you find inspiration for your customs?

Again I’m a big time comic book fan, especially DC, and I’d say about 90% of my customizing comes from that universe. I’ve made over 100 comic customs to date. I think I’ve done about 7 Superman customs alone lol. With DC’s new relaunch I’ve got a lot of new material to work with as well.

What do you consider to be your best tools of the trade?

An exacto knife, superglue, my fodder box and some form of sculpting material. I used to use the “green stuff” for my sculpting, but I’ve recently switched to a brand called Pro Creations. It’s a lot smoother and doesn’t get the clumps that the green stuff can have. It’s been great for that fine detail sculpting.

What is your strongest area when it comes to customizing?

I really pride myself on the use of obscure heads for my customs. I’ve kind of made a habit of finding uses for heads that would otherwise be considered useless in customs. I’ve been able to use the 25th Destro head at least 10 times and achieved 10 completely different results on each custom ranging from the 8th Doctor Who to Kratos from God of War. I’ve been able to use the MU Human Torch head on a variety of customs like Vash (Trigun) and Osiris (DC). I think the biggest compliment I get is when my peers can’t place the head used on a specific custom. To me that means I’ve done my job completely transforming a head into the character I’m creating. I think the best example I can give is when I used a modded Lady Jay head for my Matt Smith 11th Doctor Who.

One other area I really pride myself on is the freehand painting of chest emblems. I’ve always pushed myself to hand paint chest emblems vs. decals or vinyl. The best example is probably the Superman “S” symbol. I really think with my last 4 or 5 superman customs I’ve improved the symbols to a point that I’m really happy with. Free hand emblem painting is really important to my customizing considering 90% of my customs come from the superhero universe.

Superman born again.jpg


Thanks to everyone at Joecustoms. This has truly been a wonderful home for customizing over the years. Its a great family of friends and fellow customizers out to help each other improve our work and praise each other for the accomplishments we've achieved. I'm very proud and honored to be a featured customizer on such a great place with a great community of friends. The feedback and critiques given here are always welcomed and extremely helpful, and have helped me to grow as a customizer through the years. Thank you again.



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