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The Featured Customizer for January 2015 has a great eye for parts tight, clean paintwork, but more importantly always does fun looking customs and characters. Take a look at Rambo's customs in the Gallery and in the Critique's Section of the forum, but not before reading all he has to say about customizing below.

First of all thank you for the nomination to Customizer of the Month. It is a grand honor and joy to be part of Joecustoms.


What do you enjoy customizing the most?

Imaging a new custom, searching pictures of it and then looking forward the right pieces for it.

What brand of paint do you prefer?

Tamiya Acrylics and a local brand called Arte Franco acrylics, which is cheap and easily founded here in Colombia. The only thing I wish from it is more military or sci-fi colors.

Where do you find inspiration for your customs?

Action movies, Batman and Marvel Universe. The 80s.The 90s. The Pop Culture. And of course, other customizers like LIVEVIL, sgartz, Tim121RVC, Jogunwarrior, Scarrviper, Outrider, Sean Wang, ReCoiL (spanish amigo), ArturIguana, Sallamnder, the Wonder Twins, Stormavik and the people at OWN.

I have to say thanks to The Bivouac and Evilface for being the first sites with customs.

I am always imagining how to use other toys or random parts in my customs. For example I just opened a crahsed HDD and I am thinking of saving its parts for future customs.

What do you consider to be your best tools of the trade?

I can't customize without my screwdriver, hobby knife, moto tool and a used brush.

What is your strongest area when it comes to customizing?

People say I have a good eye for finding/discover the right parts for my customs.

Some time ago I proposed different questions for the customizer of the month.

  • When did you start customizing?

When I was a kid I made a Ninja Gayden, around 1990 I think.

  • Will you ever stop customizing?

I hope not. This hobby gives me some level of relax and peace of mind that I don't find anywhere.

  • How much time per week do you customize?

I will say I dedicated around 2 hours per week to customize, that excluding the time I am at the internet researching and so.

  • What other websites do you visit? Will recommend any?

I would like to invite all of you to visit O.W.N. a little space we have created for the ARAH O-ring customizers that is focusing in getting new parts for the hobby http://oring.bestforo.com/forum

  • What was your first custom?

Ninja Gayden. I used a black sharpie to paint Quick Kick legs and a tailor made for him a black ninja mask, black tank top and a black scabbar for a 1988 Storm Shadow sword.

  • Which are your Top-5 favorite customs made by you?

Ultimate Warrior, Cobretti, Sniper Wolf, Robocop and my first Ninja Gayden which I only conserv the head.

  • Which are your Top-5 favorite customs made by others?

Too much to mention, but definitely Rambo and Trautman made by LIVEVIL. Evilface's the A-Team.

  • Who is your favorite customizer?

LIVEVIL, the Sean Wang and Jogunwarrior.

  • What are your Top-5 To-Do List customs?

Catwoman, Snakebite, Batman and 3 female customs that I am waiting for the blank female combo sculptor KREXX is making for us.

  • Which techniques would you like to master in the near future?

Sculpting hair and washings.

  • Where/How did you acquire your current skills?

I have to thank you LIVEVIL, Spaincustoms and ReCoiL for the personalized tips on my customs in the first place. In a second place the Joecustoms General Customizing, Joecustoms wikia and in a minor grade youtube.

  • What do your family or friends thinks about your hobby?

My family respects it, well it is a hobby you practice at home. Friends do not say a lot.

  • What tips would you like to share to us?

None at the moment but instead I would like to ask the people tips on sculpting hair.

  • What is the best advice ever received?

To separate all the parts and wash them before starting to customize.

  • How big is your collection of action figures?

It must be around the 500 figures, a lot of Cobra army builders.

  • How big is your collection of customs?

I am around the 100.

  • Do you have custom made by others? Y/N why? Which ones do you have?

Yes. Several from LIVEVIL and I would like to have customs from other customizers as well.

  • What would you like to see in a GI Joe movie?

Serious action with no comic relief.

  • What would you like to see in the GI Joe line?

A comeback of the O-ring style but with new pieces.

  • Do you sell customs? Y/N and Why?

Not yet, I haven't received any offer.

  • What kind of stuff do you read?

Lately I only read at the net, I like news, archeology and sport news.

  • What kind of music do you hear?

Rock and pop in Spanish and English.

Here is the txt file where I try to keep my custom ideas and recipes:

CATWOMAN Head : Baroness v1 Torso : Baroness Arms : Baroness Waist : Baroness Legs : Jinx and Zarana

RAMBO I Head : ? Torso : Armadillo Arms : Dusty v3 Waist : Wildcard or Outback (?) Legs : Wildcard or Outback (?)

HULK HOGAN Head : Shang Tsung with hair (?) Torso : Movie Blanka (?) Arms : Absorbing Man (?) Waist : Zangief (?) Legs : Big Boa Feet : Slaughter v1

CHUCK NORRIS Head : Outback Torso : Heavy Duty (?) Arms : (?) Waist : (?) Legs : (?)

Meryl Silverburg Head : Lady Jaye comic pack Torso : Scarlet v1 Arms : Zarana comic pack Waist : Lady Jaye Legs : Lady Jaye

BACK-TALK SK Omega Head : Alpine Torso : SF Paratrooper Guile Arms : Outback Waist : SF Paratrooper Guile Legs : SF Paratrooper Guile

SMALL SOLDIERS Head : (?) Torso : (?) Arms : (?) Waist : (?) Legs : (?)

GUILE Head : Guile Torso : Big Boa Arms : Big Boa Waist : Outback Legs : Outback

NINJA GAIDEN Head : Quick Kick Torso : Mercer v2 Arms : Right: Zartan v2. Left: Mercer v2. Waist : MK Shang Tsung Legs : Zartan v2

YAGYU RANZOU (Double Dragon 3) Head : Dusty Spy Troops Torso : Major Bludd 2 Arms : MK Raiden Waist : MK Raiden Legs : MK Raiden

JUDGE DREDD Head : Surefire + LJaye comic pack helmet Torso : Gung Ho v2 Arms : Track viper Waist : Dialtone v2 Legs : Zandar

PUNISHER Head : Clutch comic pack Torso : Salvo by Livevil Arms : Salvo by Livevil Waist : Recondo Legs : Outback

The Joker in prison suit Head : Surefire Torso : Grunt comic pack Arms : Grunt comic pack Waist : Grunt comic pack Legs : Grunt comic pack

GHOST Head : (?) Torso : Beach Head FS Arms : (?) Waist : (?) Legs : (?)

THE ROCK Retaliation Head : Roadblock v2 Torso : Barricade Arms : Duke Waist : Red Dog Legs : Ret Flint

DR. DOOM Head : (?) Torso : Barricade (?) Arms : (?) Waist : (?) Legs : (?)

BANE TDKR Head : Fearless Forces Scythe Torso : Dodger Arms : Taururs Waist : Big Boa Legs : Salvo

LOBO Head : Blanka Torso : Monkeywrench Arms : Monkeywrench Waist : Red Dog Legs : Red Dog

XXX Head : (?) Torso : (?) Arms : (?) Waist : (?) Legs : (?)

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