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I'm sure you've been asked this before, but where did the moniker Raginspoon come from?

Back in 2000/2001 Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden were rumored to be teaming up, Raginspoon was my mentally proposed band name for them. Then I just liked the name and the idea of an angry spoon wielding a knife. Eventually, I made it my forum name.

What was your first exposure to customizing action figures?

As a kid, I would blow up my GI Joe's with firecrackers and then put them back together. I would also cut up army men and then melt 6 arms on to one guy to make a super soldier. My favorite was the battle armored Batman figure. I melted the armor to his body to give him a battle worn effect.

Who are some of the customizers who most influenced your work?

Alyosha molded my skill. When I met him I knew nothing and over the years he has taught me most of what know. Other customizers have influenced my work, such as Dave Proctor, Erik Araña and Nathan (Nethon) Aveyard.

What made you want to learn how to cast and what was the most important lesson you learned along the way?

The wife and I were visiting local toy shows about eight years ago when I met John (Alyosha) who had his work on display. John had these amazing female Snow Serpents and Cobra Troopers. I got all giddy and thought it would be the coolest thing to make those. I had previously seen his Night Vipers on TNI but didn't realize that they were all made by the same customizer. He was more than kind enough to show me the ropes in exchange for my paltry excuse for help.

Most important lesson: Don't stick a factory figure in acetone.

You've helped with NJCC figures, Roll Out Roll Call figures this past year, the Joe Con Customizing Class, as well as placed in the FrankenJoe contests, and run raginspoon.com cast parts store. With all of that on your plate, what do you do for fun or to relax when you aren't customizing?


I work a full time job and do all the other mentioned items on the side. It doesn't lead to much time off. I've been pretty lax on the webstore this past year as a result. I still notch in some time for games like Zelda, Batman: Arkham games, and World of Warcraft. I also can be found in the evenings watching TV with my wife Nichole.

What was your worst customizing experience and what did you learn from it?

It would be the time I was trying to clean a factory figure with acetone. You can use it on the resins I use, but I forgot that factory figures don't like it so much. It ended up as a zombie that is now in a junk drawer in pieces.

Most important lesson: Don't stick a factory figure in acetone.

Do you listen to or watch anything in particular when you work?

I will listen to WOJM or The Full Force, but mostly I listen to either The Smashing Pumpkins or have Pandora on.

If Hasbro came to you to redesign one figure and one vehicle what would be and why?

The Flagg! Just kidding.

That figure would have to be B.A.T. v5. I liked the idea they were going with at the time with replaceable limbs. I would like to see that modernized a bit and more arms and legs to add in.

If it had to be a vehicle I would choose the Cobra Maggot. It was a childhood favorite that I would always break apart and make a base out of it. I think it would look really nice updated with some moving treads like the P.O.C. Hisstank and more detailed sculpting.

If I could choose anything along the lines of a vehicle it would be the cobra battle bunker. Something like that would be nice to have in bit larger and in full circle with a removable roof.

What has been your most crowning achievement thus far?

My most ambitious achievement would be the RORC box set, which I'm very pleased with and a big thanks to Erik Araña for doing the card art! But the crowning achievement would be taking first in the Franken-Joe contest.

Any big projects planned that we should watch for?

I have a few things planned for Joe Con that I will be revealing soon. Rock and Roll v2 and Astro Viper, both featuring brand new 3d printed sculpts I commissioned. I have a play set in the works as well. I'm not quite ready to show that one yet, but hopefully I will later in the year.

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