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Guidelines for The No Joe Challenge


What is the goal of this challenge?

The goal is to make 1:18 scale Media (Film/TV/Literature/Web/Video Game) - Based Characters in a given/limited amount of time.

How does it work?

Everyone is given a character(s) name, reference pictures, and background, either as images or links. All participants make their own version of the character(s) within the time limit. Submissions are voted on by all previous participants in the NJCs for a period of two days. A user group created specifically to have access to polls in the NJC forum. ONLY previous participants will be able to vote in NJC polls. The contest is meant to be a thing for peers to judge other peers and this ensures that. All you have to do is submit one custom to an NJC and you gain the right to vote in NJCs until the Earth crashes into the sun. Regular users will still be able to read and post in the forum.

(If it comes time to vote and you feel you should be able to vote but don't see the option, you can contact joemichaels70 or pluv to get that fixed.) The custom/izer with the most votes then gets to choose the character for the next challenge. The challenges are approximately one month in duration. The previous challenge winner would then have the honor of choosing the next character challenge. The winner of the challenge will be the “controller” for the challenge of the character they selected.

What are the restraints/rules regarding character selection?

Characters for customizing are selected by the challenge winners. The characters can be pulled from any established media universe, but must be presented with both graphical representation and some degree of written background to give the idea to board members who may not be familiar with the character. The challenge winners will have one week to choose a character and collect reference material. If they can’t meet the deadline for whatever reason, or choose not to participate, or are just feeling generous, the next runner up of the previous challenge will be given the honor of choosing the next challenge. Characters must not be suggested except by the challenge winner, and doing so will result in the board member being disqualified from the current challenge. Winners will post their character challenge in the NJC Customizing section of the site on Announcement Day, along with their reference material and any further restraints/rules regarding their challenge.

For example: “Green Lantern” Another example: “Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, 1974, Anime-style” As you can see from the above, the first type of challenge has a good chance of attracting participants. The narrow range of the second challenge will probably turn off quite a few contestants for that challenge. In the event of no-one participating in the new challenge, the winner would be chosen as the 1st runner up from the previous challenge.

What are the rules regarding winning a challenge/choosing a character?

To keep character selections fresh and have a wider range of options, winners are not allowed to win competition & choose characters consecutively. They are still allowed to submit their customs for critique & voting, but in they event they receive the most votes they would pass their honor of selection off to the 1st runner up.

What are the restraints/rules regarding this challenge?

In the spirit of this challenge, the major restraints are that the characters are Non-GI Joe characters, and customized to the 3¾ world. The customs can be as true-to-character, or as abstract as possible (ie Elseworlds), as long as they retain some connection to the original character.

How many versions of the character can I make? Can I make a vehicle?

You can make as many versions as you like, as long as they have an individual distinction, and are submitted individually. During voting, each submission is judged on it’s individual merits, and the character with the most votes is declared winner, not by the cumulative votes on multiple submissions. If a board member would like to create or include a vehicle in their submission, that is ok, but it is not used in voting criteria. The biggest thing to remember is that all submissions must make the deadline to be included in the voting.

How long do I have to make and submit my custom?

The challenges are approximately one month in duration. Please check the specific deadlines for each numbered challenge in the NJC section of the forum.

Can I use an existing archive custom/custom already submitted to JC or any other website for critique?

The consensus is “No.” The submission can be based from an existing custom, but there must be clear & present changes made to differentiate it. A significant part of the challenge is trying to complete a figure under a fairly tight deadline. Also, any figures submitted to critiques/archive/external site/etc. before the deadline will disqualify that entry, and any other entries from that customizer in the current No Joe Challenge, to ensure that all submissions get equal face time for voting.

What is the deadline for signing up or participating?

There isn't a sign up, and a customizer can enter as many times/customs as they want during the current challenge timeframe. No customs will be allowed in competition after 12 noon EST on the challenge due date. There is no limit on the number of participants in any given challenge, nor do you have to participate in every challenge.

What happens if I don't follow the guidelines?

  • 1st time = You, and any/all your entries will be disqualified from the current challenge. If you were a member of the NJC Voters Group, you will be kicked out, and must re-submit a figure in a future challenge to be reinstated.
  • 2nd time = You, and any/all your entries will be disqualified from the current challenge. You will be permanently banned from the NJC Voters Group.
  • 3rd time = You will be banned from entering any further figures into the NJC.

Where do I put it?

For now, submissions should be emailed to the current challenge’s controller unless otherwise stated. After the submission deadline, but before 12 noon EST the next day, the controller will assemble all entries into a voting thread. It is also their responsibility to officially announce the winner after voting ends, and hand off the scepter to the next controller.

What do I submit?

Like other Board Projects, include with your submission:

  • Your board name
  • Clear pictures/scans of your custom figure
  • A brief write up, describing who the entry is and where they are from. Parts recipes would be useful as well.

Sometimes the difference in making up one's mind who to vote for is knowing how much effort went into the submission.

Please Note: If you are posting your first entry into an NJC, make sure to pm joemichaels70 or pluv to let them know to add you to the Voting Group so you can vote immediately, otherwise you'll be added after the challenge is over.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

Unless otherwise stated by the Challenger, the standard NJC submission entry will include two photos of the entry against a plain, neutral background, and one shot in a diorama or action setting, with the option to include visual special effects (photoshop or photo manipulation). See this thread for the discussion and poll on the subject, as well as examples.

What are the criteria for voting on the character challenge?

Nothing more that 'Which one is your favorite?'

What do I do with my custom after that?

Submit it to the Archive!

Additional things that you can submit with your character to the archive:

  • additional clear photos of your custom
  • construction notes or thoughts about your approach to the character
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