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At Rite Aid they have generic Lego style figures (Brick-Lock Construction Toys) for $1.99. The figures are crap but the weapons are pretty snazzy. Some of the weapons made for brick figures don't require any kind of modification to work with Joes. While there are a some that are completely out of scale the pistols and small automatics work really well for 1/18th scale figures. You just have to do a quick mod to the grips.

The pistol is already done but the MP5 and others are straight out of the box.

This is something I've been doing since I discovered several years ago. You take some vice grip pliers and simply squeeze. It squishes the plastic down flat. Sometimes I'll even get fancy and try to give the weapon a cross-hatched grip appearance by going diagonal one way and then the other. Seriously, 10 seconds tops for this one.

vice grip pliers and squeeeze

When drbindy showed off his WIP Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson customs he said he used Lego hats for the great detective's famous deerstalker cap as well as Dr. Watson's bowler style hat. All it takes is a few seconds with a rotary tool to remove the small ring that the pg on the head of the brick figure plugs into. When I did it I removed some of the edge in the front and back, but that turned out to be a mistake. The Brick Warriors (tm) hats I picked up now fit looser than I would like.

Brick Warriors cowboy hat and sombrero
drbindy's Dr. Watson custom using a Lego hat with the inner ring removed.
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