Making wood pallets

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Written by Keenan

I'm always looking for Dio props. And I found that a simple paint stick/stirrer can be transformed into a wood pallet. It's really very simple, and in this case free.

Using a utility knife and a straight edge cut the paint sticks up to the desired size (Mine were about 3" by 3/8").

Put down 4 section for the base. 3 for the center. The tops varied from 4-6 depending on look.

Use wood glue to hold everything together

Next then used a 1/32" bit to dimple the top of the pallet, so it looks like nails.


For weathering I painted different washes so some of them look dirty. I even used some left over putty to give one that "What is that on the pallet" look. Others I left clean- for that new pallet look.

Take a dremel to the front and rear openings to gave it a worn look.

In the end they make for a great Dio props (I've got 25 now).

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