Liquid Stainless Steel (and Aqua Acrylic Primer)

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Written by joemichaels70

I found this product called Thomas' Liquid Stainless Steel in a handyman magazine ( The product is intended for refinishishing cabinets, appliances or tabletops, and usually comes in a can with brushes, but is also offered in a spray can for 'craft' purposes. It apparently has some kind of 'micro-ionized' stainless steel particles in it, but for all intents and purposes, it's mainly just paint.

I thought I'd give it a go, thinking that it might be cool to have a stainless steel SNAKE, as well as a 'Chain Base' that I picked up from BBTS. I've had the SNAKE since it first came out, but had lost the stickers before they were applied, which in the end, saved me the trouble of removing them! Since I was going to be applying it to plastic, I needed to use a primer. I had previously picked up 10 cans of an acrylic primer, "Aqua" by Rustoleum, from the local Menards when they had a store-wide liquidation in preparation for building a bigger store.

It was a rather cold day outside, so I did my work in the garage, it was also at night when I primed, so the lighting conditions weren't too good. I may have hit the SNAKE with too much primer when doing the inside - there was some 'tearing' or running of the primer:

After allowing a few hours for the primer to cure, I hit the pieces with the first coat of the Liquid Stainless Steel (LSS):

I felt like one coat of the LSS was going to do the trick - this stuff is pretty thick coming out of the can:

I used some blueprints pulled from, along with some SNAKE decals I had ordered from J Ruben, and started putting my SNAKE together:

I discovered just how thick this paint was when I went to assemble the legs:

SnakeConstruct 1.jpg

I had cracked the socket of the leg trying to force the 'fattened' pegs in -- so I scraped them off:

SnakeConstruct 2.jpg

I checked those scrapings to see if they were magnetic.... nope.

SnakeConstruct 4.jpg

And here it is, all done up in Stainless Steel, with the stickers applied:

The assembly of the Chain Base was even more of a pain, with all it's awesome modular peg systems... I wound up snapping off one of the trailer hitches, as well as two other accessories' pegs.. because I was too impatient to scrape the paint off them. My bad.

In conclusion: I like this Liquid Stainless Steel stuff... on some things. The Stainless SNAKE rocks. Hard. The Chain Base? Not so much. I don't know that the Base really gained anything by using the Stainless Steel on that couldn't be accomplished by just a standard silver or grey spraypaint -- it's going to need detailing to be as cool as, say, Jin Saotome's photo-booth piece. But I could totally see using this on certain parts or accessories for vehicles, playsets, and/or armored figs -- the spray really has a sparkle and unique finish to it.

I've already got a couple further ideas where this product is going to come into play...

The Aqua Acrylic Primer by Rustoleum? Pass. Now what do I do with 9 1/2 cans of it?

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