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There is only one word that so succinctly describes the August 2012 Featured Customizer of the Month, evolved. The longer one customizes the more one's own style starts to develop. The breadth of his work is a journey worth viewing because it varies so much in style and subject matter. He's done huge vehicle and diorama builds that will leave your jaw on the floor. He's constantly pushing his own limits. Go check out his customs in the Gallery Archive and the Critiques Section. You won't be dissappointed.


What do you enjoy customizing the most?

I really enjoy making figures, vehicles and play sets that toy companies haven't or won't- in 1:18th scale (And some 1:6th too). It's also fun to re-imagine existing characters. I believe that, for me, customizing is a great way to interact with action figures- since I don't actually take them out and play with them...that often.

And, as a whole, I find the process of customizing to be a great stress release. Getting lost in part swapping, or painting, or dremeling, or whatever is really relaxing.

What brand of paint do you prefer?

I tend to use top shelf paints. I've tried craft paint and wasn't very happy with the results. Right now I use Citadel Chaos Black spray paint as a base coat. Then paints from Tamiya, Citadel and Games Workshop to topcoat.

Where do you find inspiration for your customs?

Games, movies, comic books- almost any media source I guess. And of course customizing forums. Nothing like seeing a new technique and giving it a try. Or a cool custom and making one like it for yourself.

What do you consider to be your best tools of the trade?

I love my dremel. I'd be lost without it. That and a good set of paint brushes. And super glue.

What is your strongest area when it comes to customizing?

I've always thought of myself as an average customizer. If I have one strong point it's that there's not much I'm not willing to try. I've always felt that if it's been done then I could do it too. Or at least I'd give it a go- LBCs, painting, sculpting, casting, soft goods, scratch built projects. I like a challenge.

Another passion is writing and shooting Dio-Stories. It's a great feeling to come up with a story and have it come to live with action figures. Just wish there were more hours in the day for it.

Last but not least

Be sure to check out Keenan's End of Days diostory and his tutorials for creating a building facade and wood pallets. He also did a heck of a Customizer Interview for the Custom Celebration.

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