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So whatcha gonna do when the JCW customizes you!?!

Produced by the legendary Hulk Hogan, Joe Customs Wrestling is a series of dio stories depicting the board members battling it out in the squared circle for the championship title! Members are generally represented by the figure corresponding to their username or avatar, but it is also dependent on the figures in the Hulkster's collection. The popularity and inclusiveness in the dios spawned the creation of a dedicated forum as a second message board.


The Roster

A list of the combatants seen thus far and their JCW representation. Refer to the forum for a more complete list.

  • Beav - Shipwreck
  • Referee - Corps! Dude
  • Destrin 41016 - Tracker
  • 'Superstar' Lance Sputnik - Snow Serpent
  • Greymalkin - Ambush
  • Punisher117F - Thrasher
  • The Green Meanie - Copperhead
  • Grand Slam - Grand Slam
  • Nova - Crystal Ball
  • Alleyviperelite - Cross Country
  • Bandalero - Bazooka

  • The Tennessee Studs
    • Scrap Iron - Scrap Iron
    • Bad Ash - Skull Buster

  • The Moderators
    • General Hawk - Comic Pack Hawk
    • Airtight - Airtight
    • Pluv - The Fridge

Matches and Results

Destrin41016 vs. Lance Sputnik

Superstar Sputnik's celebration looks to be short lived...

Destrin41016 & Punisher117F vs. The Moderators

Pluv demonstrates a banning.

Grand Slam vs. Greymalkin

Airtight goes berserk and shows the proper use of a battle stand.
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