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Tim121RVC interviews INDROX1, one of our 2016 JCA Best New Member nominees.


How did you get started in customizing GI Joe? What led you to the brand, what type of stuff were you doing before?

Like most of you I loved GI Joe as a kid. The Mauler and Moccasin were my favorite Joe toys. Truth be told I only started customizing Joe stuff a short time ago. I was mostly into custom painting Transformers, Robotech (Macross), and RC Tanks (which I still love to do). I guess what drew me more into Joe customizing was seeing that you could create your own “Joe Verse” and make it something of your own and still maintain the GI Joe vibe. Also the vehicles and figures are bar none some of the coolest looking toys ever made. How fun is it to let your imagination run wild and make your very own dream toys!?

How did you discover JoeCustoms?

A little over a year ago I google searched, “mech customs” looking for some ideas for a build I was starting and was directed to the JC site. I found the customizers section and was astonished at all the great customs that these talented individuals were creating. I checked out a cool mech custom, then I checked out a killer tank custom, then figure customs and on and on. It was like I discovered GOLD! But it was better... It was killer looking custom toys! I wanted to be part of this and now I am. And everyone on JC has been very kind and very welcoming.

What are your hobbies outside of Joe customizing?

I am a musician and song writer of 30 years (began playing guitar at 12), I also dig weight training (24 years), and I love Hot Rods ( I have built a 28 Ford Roadster and a 51 Chevy Fleetline and in the process of building a 36 Chevy pick up). Toys are much cheaper to build by the way. My wife says I am going to be a hoarder when I grow up. Maybe so, but I ain't never gonna grow up. LOL!

What figure/vehicle/project are you most proud of?

Gator Traxx. Reason...Because it was a surprise Christmas gift for my son. He said, “Dad I wish they made a mech tank that was remote controlled and had a driver you could play with and a laser”. I was like, “OK little man I will see what I can do”. So after scouring the internet for some donor toys I found what I was looking for. Got some good Ebay deals ordered, delivered, and began the build. It started out as a simple build and then turned pretty complex. On Christmas day when I rolled it into the living room my kid freaked out! He loved it! It was worth the hard work and it will always be a special build to me. Battle Buzzard is a close second though!

Gator Traxx
Battle Buzzard

If they all had to go, which would be the one that you wouldn't part with?

I wouldn't part with my fodder! All of my finished projects could walk out the door but that would have to stay. Reason... I can always create new customs to replace anything I've ever done but its kinda hard to replace a great collection of fodder that you draw your ideas from. It can also be pretty pricey. So the fodder stays!

Where/what/who do you draw your inspiration or ideas from?

Seeing that I'm fairly new to GI Joe customizing I think my ideas come from what I would have wanted as a kid. I wanted more realistic, gritty, worn torn warriors, with killer vehicles and weapons. Like the figures were really alive and had been through real battle! I know most of you made sound effects and pretended Cobra Commander barked out orders to destroy Gi Joe. Of course you were the one yelling it not the toy. Lol. That “kid” still remains in my thoughts and now I have the ability to make it happen.

As far as who I draw my inspiration, not to sound sappy, but a lot of the friends I've made here on Joe Customs are inspiring! There is just way to much talent on this site and its a privelge to be part of this community. Blood Brigade's stuff was some of the first customs I saw and man I was in awe. Also 2DARK2C inspired me with his witty out of the box ideas. OB, DrBindy, Dusty79, Bucky, Pluv, Tim, Vanishing Point, Chad Ghost, Chief, the list goes on and on. Inspiration for days as well as awesome feedback from everyone. Can't get more inspired than that!

Can you name something that you did that turned out way better than you expected it to?

My Hail Storm Mech. Man I thought that was gonna get scrapped. I couldn't get the look I wanted with the paint job, but I didn't give up. I wasn't gonna let it whip me so I kept at it and finally when I was done I turned out one of the best paint jobs I have ever done. Patience and determination prevailed on that dude.

Hailstorm Mech

And something that you finished that you just weren't happy with and why?

My SPTTER vehicle. It's cool but just didn't give me that feeling of, “YES!” when I was done with it. I think we all have gone through that. Might go back to that project one day.


What tricks and tips have you mastered that you can share with everyone?

Mastered? None. Lol. I do have a little trick I use for some of my vehicles. I lay down a flat black base coat, then when it dries I do a silver dry brush on the entire project. Then I take a trans parent color like blue for instance and airbrush a couple of thin coats on. You can also brush it on if you lack an airbrush. The end result is a cool metallic aged look that I really like. Sort of like how candy coats are painted on vehicles. You can see examples of this technique on my SPITTER which was airbrushed and on the wounded warrior mech aka MAC that was brushed on.


What do you find the most enjoyable about customizing?

Stress relief! Customizing as well as music is what calms me and puts me in a comfort zone. Both are creative and the end result is very gratifying. It also gives me a sense of fulfillment. I love the end product.

What about the most frustrating?

Painting faces! Man for me that is a challenge! My hats off to all the customizers that can paint such awesome eyes, lips, eye brows, hair, ect...

You got time, and you got money, and you have the space. What do you build? And why?

I would build numerous dioramas to go with my Yesterdays Fallen collection which is a post apocalyptic fan fiction story I based most of my customs on. A winter scene, desert wasteland, battle damaged city, dead forest, ect... I would want them massive so I could load them up with all my creations. You never know... That might be in the works this year!

Thank to everyone for welcoming me to this awesome family of toy nuts. It's a real honor guys!

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