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We all know that JoeCustoms Wrestling is the longest running multi-person dio-story out there, but what makes the JCW worthy of being included in a celebration of customs?

That's simple, the customs. Everyone who is apart of JCW has made some killer custom representations of themselves. Even the ring and arena were created. Plus Joe Customs is where it all began.

What got you interested in starting the JCW in the first place?

I liked wrestling, I liked GI Joe, I liked the people on JC. I forget who it was that created a dio using JC members, but he inspired me to create a really crappy wood ring. I figured no one has done a Joe related wrestling dio so I'd go for it.

[JC note - The dio-story referenced above was Scrap Iron's JoeCustoms the Dio.]

What has been your biggest challenge in keeping the show going?

Life! Hobbies are great but balancing a job, house remodeling, a girl friend, it becomes hard to manage my time some weeks. If there were none of these things in the way, JCW would be a breeze.

How many wrestlers are on the JCW roster and is it possible for new people to join up?

I'd say about 90 wrestlers on the roster. Yes new talent is always wanted and welcomed. In fact it is encouraged.

[JC note - Check out for more information after you read the rest of the interview.]

This might seem like asking you to pick your favorite finger, but which character/figure are you most fond of?

Hmmm.....It is tough to say. I will break it down like this. The ones I enjoy filming: Taliesin Crow, since his character is insane and does death defying moves; Joe Michaels, due to her/his indestructible nature, and Silent Master, due to his martial arts style. No favorite, just ones that will make you say "holy sh*t!"

Having dealt with all of these custom wrestling figures, which body style do you find the easiest to work with? The hardest?

Easiest to use is probably Chief's [new sculpt figure] right now. He is tight jointed and a bigger wrestler, so performing power moves is a lot easier with him. Tight joints make the figures golden. Micro men based customs have been a pain to work with. Their heads and hands seem to fall off at the worst times.

Besides the JCW what are your other interests in life?

Art, Football (Go Colts!), my girlfriend, Nintendo Wii, Halo 3, Castle Legos, cartooning, and writing.

If space/money/time were no object what would be the one JCW related project you'd love to do?

I'd have to steal a page from WCW's book: have a special Pay Per View where a pool of water surrounded the ring. I just think it would be fun.

If your roof were to collapse and your house flooded with rain, what would be the one toy related item that would make you fight mother nature to save it?

The JCW ring. Oh you mean the roof and the leaking that destroyed my bathroom wall? [The reconstruction is going] slow and steady. Heat wave forced me off the roof for about 3 months. Now its cold, I have about 3 squares left to do.

For those not following the JCW (shame on them), what can you tell us about what is going on now and what is coming up?

Right now, JCW Resurrection is going on. The 2nd Pay Per View, and it is HUGE. Barbed wire match, cage match, ladder match. Geez I'm out of breath! Oh yeah we have regular matches too! As far as the future, well the Draft is coming up where JCW will break into two groups: JCW Primetime & JCW Underground, should be fun. Also, I suppose I can let the questions begin to fly. LandoVision is coming to JCW.

When it is all said and done, how do you think the community will see you when compare to Vince McMahon or Ted Turner?

HAHAHAHAH...I only see 2 zeros in my bank instead of 9. Honestly I would like to be represented in a stand alone category. Both Vince and Ted have done some really dumb things to pro wrestling. I just want to create a fun atmosphere for people to enjoy...I do except tips though :D

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