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Below is a very un-detailed history of JoeCustoms and how this website came to be.


In the beginning

Before the founders of YoJoe.com pooled their resources, Corey Stinson ran the GI Joe Headquarters website, Eugene Son ran the GI Joe Archive website, and Connor Malone ran the GI Joe Command Center website. All of those sites had a small section dedicated to their customs. In 1997 they united to form what has become one of the best toy, comic, and related products archives ever assembled. However, they felt the customs would be better suited elsewhere.

The Bivouac

At about the same time Camper had started his own website that was intended to focus on dioramas. Because there were so few diorama and custom creators at that time, Camper allowed pretty much any fan created item to be hosted on the Bivouac. People started coming to see the customs and began adding customs of their own. Corey, Eugene, and Connor asked Camper if he would host all of the customs from Yo Joe. The Bivouac became the place where GI Joe fans went to discuss the toys, customizing, or even take part in the Group Projects, not to mention to see the occasional dio-story.


In 2002, Beav began his own private forum and started working on a custom submission section which would allow people to submit a custom without the administrator manually adding them to the site. When Camper saw what Beav had created, he asked Beav to take over the Bivouac customs for a new GI Joe custom website. A site that would have these new features to help other people host their customs. On May 10, 2002, Beav opened the doors to JoeCustoms.com. Under his ownership JoeCustoms has flourished, adding 8,405 figures, 655 vehicles, and 102 playsets to the custom gallery as well as continuing the Group Projects. He added so many technical features like tag searching for customs, adding an RSS feed, and the JC Wiki it would be impossible to list all of them here. His biggest achievement would be giving the site a personality

The pluv era

On July 1, 2009, Beav passed the torch and ownership of JoeCustoms onto board member pluv. However, Beav has remained on as Legacy Admin to assist with several administrative duties.

To be Continued

The Admins

As part of JoeCustoms.com's 10th Anniversary all The Admins got together to talk a little bit more about the history of the site.

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