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Heat Shrink Tubing; for customizing by 2DARK2C

WARNING! fire or boiling water can be dangerous. Kids, please ask an adult before using either!


Link for heat shrink tubing

Here is a link to the exact heat shrink I use


I was asked to explain my technique for quick and dirty parts fitment,so i'll do my best! i actually had some heat shrink in my tool bag from doing electrical work years ago. the proper way to apply it is with a heat gun. also you can use a hair dryer, hot water ,or my favorite fire! i started doing this method slowly,akwardly, and with some reservations. but soon i found an aplication that really worked well, saved time , and involved fire!

it is a solution to a simple problem. when peg A is too small for hole B. used to i would mix up some 2 part sculpting epoxy and partially fill the hole, then jam the peg in to shape the hole, removing it slowly praying the epoxy stayed put.

now i clip off an appropriate length of heat shrink tubing, apply it over the peg/ball, heat it to shape, and see how it fits. if still loose you can repeat the process. i'm not sure how many times, but probably infinite or until you reach a size where tubing is no longer made, which you shouldn't in this hobby. i have some that is about 2" diameter that shrinks to 1.25" that i've tried using with varied success.

here i will be using the cheapest set i could find. it's from harbor freight tools in the electrical isle. it has 3 sizes that are perfect for our hobby. i will try and post pictures of three different pieces i have mocked up just for this tutorial. two heads and a forearm.

What you need to get started

  • A spare figure to test fitting
  • Scissors
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Lighter
Heat shrink tubing 01.jpg

Red Skull head hole 1

Heat shrink tubing 02.jpg

Good fit.

Heat shrink tubing 03.jpg

I went this route because I had it almost done and lost it with a careless cutting.

Clip it.

Heat shrink tubing 04.jpg

Slip the cut piece over the peg and apply heat.

Heat shrink tubing 05.jpg

Here it is shrunk tight.

Heat shrink tubing 06.jpg

At this point I checked fitment and it was still way too loose.

Here is another cut piece slipped over the first.

Heat shrink tubing 07.jpg

Here it is after heating.

Heat shrink tubing 08.jpg

Once again, I checked fitment. The second layer tightened it up a lot, but I like my figures to hold a pose through rough handling.

This time I grabbed the red tubing.

Heat shrink tubing 09.jpg

Cut and slipped over.

Heat shrink tubing 10.jpg

Then heat was applied. I lost this shot somehow, but it went just as before.

Wow tight fit!

Since I'm using the same base for my next example I removed the heat shrink and stuffed it in the head for future use. You could dab super glue on for a permanent modification if you wish.

Heat shrink tubing 14.jpg
Heat shrink tubing 15.jpg

Clone trooper head hole 2

My next victim. Since the head hole is so much larger I started off with 2 white layers and a red, not shown.

Heat shrink tubing 16.jpg

Shrunk down.

Heat shrink tubing 17.jpg

Clipped another piece and added it

Heat shrink tubing 18.jpg

After heating. Still some way to go!

Heat shrink tubing 19.jpg

Here I jumped up to the largest tubing in the set.

Heat shrink tubing 20.jpg


Heat shrink tubing 21.jpg

After heating.

Heat shrink tubing 22.jpg

Nice fit. Here you could trim the visible heat shrink with an X-acto, but it doesn't bother me.

Heat shrink tubing 23.jpg
Heat shrink tubing 24.jpg

I will also just leave the heat shrink in this head for future use. Again, you could glue it in the head if desired.

Heat shrink tubing 25.jpg

I actually damaged the neck ball on this figure, probably due to too much heating without letting it cool. I add this as a visual warning that you can damage your figure. I don't think I have before, but it would be hidden under the heat shrink.

Heat shrink tubing 26.jpg

Tubing for hands

My last example is an arm peg, not sure where it might be applicable, but it might be.

Heat shrink tubing 27.jpg

Same way starting with white.

Heat shrink tubing 28.jpg

Now red tubing x 2.

Heat shrink tubing 29.jpg
Heat shrink tubing 30.jpg

I am metal hand!

Heat shrink tubing 31.jpg

Tight fit.

Heat shrink tubing 32.jpg

That's it.

Heat shrink tubing 33.jpg
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