Hasbro QA 9/11

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1) Given the difficulty and frustration of not finding your products at retail or online vendors, what are your plans to help get your products into the hands of the customers?

2) At what point will the current iteration of GI Joe (PoC and 30th anniversary) need to be cleared from the shelves to make way for Movie Toys?

We can't get into too many details here but typically, we look to be clear of existing product and setting new product about a month before a movie event.

3) The Cycle Armor and Scout HISS vehicles had a lot of buzz about them, and have seen release in Canada. Prior Q/A responses have said that Hasbro was seeking a retail outlet in the States for those vehicles; any progress that you can tell us about? If not, can you please sell them on HasbroToyShop.com, so your dedicated collectors and fans can get them domestically?

Unfortunately we will not be offering these either at retail or online.

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