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With more vehicles and figures being released, are there any plans to release the smaller Playsets (such as the Foward Observatory, or the Checkpoint alpha) or are newer ones in the making?

No plans for this in 2008….but maybe down the road.

With Hasbro controlling a gigantic portion of the boy's toy aisle, does the G.I.Joe design team ever feel like it's in compition with other designers in the company (Indy, Star Wars, Transformers)? Does the G.I.Joe team only work on Joe items, or do they work across multiple product lines?

The majority of our design team is focused exclusively on GI Joe. We are collaborative with the other teams and have a friendly sense of competition that drives us to keep innovating the category and our toys.

What goes into the process of producing store exclusives? Does the retail store decide what they want? Do they share any portion of production costs? Many folks complain about re-used parts in the store exclusives, and it would seem like a budgeting issue. Fans might have a more open mind if they knew what the overall process is for this avenue of releases.

In all honesty, the mainline product takes priority and is designed first. Once this is done, we look at possible exclusives. Because the runs are smaller, we are usually unable to use new tooling on exclusives. We work closely with our retail partners to identify opportunities but it is our design team that creates the ideas.

There is an absolutely huge desire on the side of the fans to see the Resolute promo that was shown at JoeCon and SDCC. What do we have to do to convince Hasbro to make this available to a wider audience? It would get a LOT of people really fired up and would only mean good things leading up to the animated series release in early '09.

We are still working on distribution plans for Resolute which could include the promo video, stay tuned for more information.

With the major push of Joe over the next year, is there any chance for a revival of the trading card game?

There are no plans for this right now.

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