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Is there a license for the G.I. JOE Club and if so when does the license expire and go up for bids?

Yes there is a license that we are in the process of renewing as we speak. We could not be happier with the Club and look forward to working with them for years to come.

Are there plans to expand the International subset to include Action Force and the Red Shadows?

There are no current plans for this, but we have discussed the idea for the future.

Has any consideration ever been given to establishing a single figure style (our obvious bias being toward the 25th Anniversary style) that could be used across many of your 3 3/4" properties, enabling the designers to reuse certain body parts and accessories across lines where suitable, possibly saving the company money in molding/design/etc and allowing children and collectors to more easily "mix and match" figures from different lines?

We view each property or brand separately as each needs to be handled in a way that works best for the individual brands. We have no plans for a common format at this time.

At last year's convention, the Hasbro team made it clear that they were aware of the distribution problems that led to empty pegs in many stores, and said that it would soon be fixed and we would see lots of product on store shelves. After nearly 8 months, it still seems quite difficult to find product on store shelves. This situation has become very frustrating to the collecting community. Can you shed any light on what is being done to improve distribution?

We have increased the production dramatically and starting to see more and more product on shelf. The hunger for the product is astounding and we are producing as much as we can. We are also making sure we have tons of newness coming and are currently planning 8 waves of single figures in 2008!

Can we have a way to purchase figures that come with exclusive vehicles and playsets: ie: If we wanted to purchase an extra Crankcase from the Awe Striker or Lady Jaye, Trooper or Baroness from the MASS device sets? Especially considering many places never saw the exclusive sets.

The MASS Device sets will hit shelves in August so you can get what you need this summer. Currently there are no plans to rerelease the figures from the exclusive sets.

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