Hasbro QA 6/11

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1) As fans, what can we do to get better distribution for wave 5 and 6 to our areas? As you may know distribution has been hit or miss to local retail locations.

Distribution of the figures really depends on the retailer's restocking strategy. If the figures are moving well off shelf, typically the retailer will restock with new items. If you are seeing empty shelves, you could speak to the store manager and let them know that you are excited to spend your money there if they can get some new inventory.

2) With the Hub's plans to put the GI Joe Renegades cartoon on hiatus, does Hasbro still plan to put the Renegades figures on the shelves?

Yes. You should still plan on seeing the Renegades figures on store shelves this Fall.

3) What current celebrities/athletes would make the short list to join the GI Joe universe similar to how Sgt. Slaughter and The Fridge have?

Keeping in mind that this is purely a hypothetical question and we have no plans for any professional athletes or wrestlers, we think that CM Punk for a Cobra villian or John Cena for a G.I. JOE hero are good possibilities.

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