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With all but two of the Original 13 getting the 25A treatment, what are the chances of Zap and Short-Fuze being released?

One of the things we have been trying to do is slowly and surely release the original 13. We are working on the last 2.

Could you possibly, at some future point, provide walk through the production of a current figure as some kind of special feature to the Hasbro or JoeCustoms.com website, possibly with photos and pictrues trace the figure we buy on the shelf back through distribution, shipping, packaging, assembly, painting, molding, creating of the molds, and on and on back through the production process back to the initial idea for a specific figure? It'd make a great article and would be really informative.

We have discussed this in the past and considered both trying to address this at JoeCon in one of the panels or with interviews in the GI Joe Newsletter. Lets us talk to the design team and see what we can do…

Will the movie figures be a separate line and will they be in 25th style?

Yes the figures will be a separate line and they will be true to the quality of figures you have seen over the last year.

Do you ever get together with the Star Wars team to share ideas/techniques? With the recent Evolutions Darth Maul being so close to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary design, they could really benefit from incorporating the GI Joe hip joints into their high end figure format, and they have not had the limited range of motion in the ball jointed elbow that so many of the new Joes have had recently. Perhaps a meeting of the minds would be a win-win scenario for everybody?

Yes, the Hasbro teams (both design and marketing) get together and swap ideas. This has not come up yet, thanks for the heads up.

Now that Wild Weasel, Ace, Wild Bill and Copperhead have either been released or are on the way, are there any plans to release their vehicles?

More info on upcoming vehicles coming at JoeCon.

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