Hasbro QA 5/11

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May 2011 Hasbro Q and A

1) What are the factors that you would need to consider to manufacture large vehicles or playsets in the U.S.? There are collectors who would pay more to have the Real American Hero made in the USA and it could offset shipping costs.

We absolutely know that there are collectors who would pay a lot of money to get a large vehicle (like the Flagg?). The problem is that there are just not enough of you out there. The cost of producing domestically far exceeds the cost of producing overseas and shipping to the US. While it would be great to have a Real American Hero produced in the US, it's just not economically feasable.

2) As filming for the GI Joe sequel gets underway, at what point of the process are you with the movie line? And will the line be sold side by side with what has been shown for the 30th Anniversary?

We have already been working on the movie line for several months here. The movie line will be our main focus next year and when the movie line comes out, it will replace the 30th anniversary line for a while. They will not be in aisle at the same time.

3) Are there any planned multipacks for 2011 ie comic packs, store exclusives, etc.?

Nothing planned currently.

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