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Will there ever be a realease of just Army Builders, that include six seperate yet identical figures all with the same accessories, without any Cobra Commander(s) or Storm Shadow(s)?

As announced at JoeCon we will have troop building packs at TRU. Some items will have 4 troopers and one character; others will have 5 troopers (usually 4 troopers and an officer)

Will there be any equipment packs, like the ones from the 1980's? With web gear, pistols, machine guns and accessories?

I think it is the Battle Packs I remember. Currently there are no plans for this. Thanks for the suggestion.

Is it possible to include a second pair of hands, for figures who have stylized hand poses such as Destro's briefcase-carrying hand, or Shipwreck's closed fist?

We will forward this suggestion to the design team and see what they can come up with in the future.

Could Hasbro toyshop get a pre-order option? That way HTS will better know the quantities they need to order stock.

Hasbro Toy Shop does in fact have a pre-order option but they limit this option based on the availablility of the product.

When will GI Joe get the cute lil "Hero" treatment like every other one of Hasbro's action figure brands?

We are exploring different expressions of GI Joe as part of the movie line. Given the success of Galactic Heroes, Superhero Squad, and Robot Heroes we will look into this for 2009

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