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Some of the 25th anniversary figures are updated looks, not their classic 80s looks (like Zartan and Serpentor). Will we see classic versions of these characters?

The desire for for classic versions of all 25th Annviersary Figures came thru loud and clear at this year's JoeCon. We appreciated the feedback.

Why can't you maintain a better supply of stock on your website? If anything you could leave the option up to preorder when stock is out that way the shop would have some idea on what to order.

We've were pleasantly overwhelmed by fan response to our 25th Anniversary line, and are making the appropriate production adjsutments - keep checking your local stores … you should see product on shelves shortly.

What is the most effective format for feedback that fans can use to influence your decisions about the 25th and ongoing lines?

The Hasbro team welcomes fan feedback. Talking to us through these Q&A sessions, in person at JoeCon, via Master Collector, or even posting on the boards are all good ways to contact us.

After the "test-run" of exclusive vehicles at Target, what would be the vehicles we would most likely see? Newly sculpted ones, or more repaints of original molds?

Let us get through the Target exclusive vehicles and then we can start looking into the future.

Since there has been no news of a renewal with Devils Due is Hasbro shopping around for another publisher for the GI Joe comic book and if they are when should we expect an announcement about who that publisher might be?

We hope to have an announcent regarding the comic book later this year.

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