Hasbro QA 3/11

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When Hasbro sold the Vintage molds for scrap, was any consideration given to selling them to the Collector Market? Based on recent prices for Pre-Production items, I'm sure a number of High End Collectors would have paid Well over Scrap Value to own Original Tooling for their Favorite Vintage GI Joe toys. Please Consider the Collector Market in future purges.

Hasbro: Thanks for your passion and recommendation. However, the weight of the steel mold to be too heavy for a collection - most weigh-in around 1 ton each!

Why are canceled vehicles like the Polar Shark showing up at limited retail while Wal-Mart seems to have dropped GI Joe from its shelves? Is there a chance for a broader or online distribution?

Hasbro answered this as part of their responses to JoeBattlines.com and AllSpark.com.

DK publishes all these guides to Star Wars, Transformers, etc, yet nothing for GIJOE. No paperback novels (other than the two movie tie ins), no artwork books, no nothing. How come there isn't a reasonably priced coffee table style book that has the file card and box artwork of the ARAH through present day stuff?

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