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What was the inspiration for the Customs that we saw at SDCC? Is there any chance that these could ever see production?

We wanted to do a shout out the the customizers in the community and show them how customizable the anniversary figures are. The inspiration came from the mind of one of our designers. We told him to choose anything he wanted that was not currently being planned. None of those figures will be out in 2008....but maybe further down the line

As swapping out arms and chests is a big part of customization, what is the best way to take apart the chest of a 25th figure.

  1. Take anniversary figures head and legs off, so only torso and arms remain.
  2. Use either corner of table or block of wood with 90 degree angle and place the torso side that has the parting line on corner.
  3. Take a rubber mallet, or small hammer, and hit the seam on the shoulder, cracking it open like a walnut.
  4. Sides should split allowing for custom arms to fit into joints, glue back together with super glue.

With the figures being so easily (partially) disassembled is there any chance for "Body Part Packs" with different heads/hands/webgear to customize our figures? Perhaps as a HTS exclusive?

Right now there are no plans for this.

When will the 25th see a wider distribution? Or rather better distribution.

Check out stores now…we are in Wal-Mart, Target, TRU, Kmart, and many more retailers.

Will all the 5-pack figures eventually be released as single figures? And will they be the same versions as in the 5-pack?

Yes and Yes.

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