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Will SONY release the original cartoons on DVD this year?

Sony will not be releasing the original cartoons on DVD this year.

How do you feel about customizers and the customizing community?

We love customizers. G.I. Joe is your brand. In fact, the new 25th body was specifically designed so that customization could be easy.

What role do fan sites have in Hasbro's vision for the brand?

Fans and fan sites are crucial to the brand. The 25th Anniversary line is all about the fans. That is why activities like this Q&A, web polls, and releases on gijoeclub.com are so important to us as we move forward. We check the boards all the time to see what the buzz is.

Will there be any more opportunities to 'Army Build' other types of troopers (GIJOE and Cobra) like the Viper Pit pack?

Definitely! Expect lots more army builders!

If the "Comic Pack" format will continue as indicated in your previous response, what era of figures can we expect to see with these new comic packs: classic, new, or 25th anniversary?

Any new figures in the near-term will be 25th Anniversary.

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