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Can you please let us know, generally, what kinds of questions are off limits? This has never been outlined and would save both parties a lot of wasted time and effort in the future.

Answer "still pending".

With the rich 25+ year history of the Real American Hero universe and its offshoots in mind, and the large number of fan favorite characters who have yet to be remade in the modern era, would Hasbro consider a production/release schedule that incorporated figures from a larger variety of sources? Star Wars fans enjoy a broad range of figures from the films, comics, novels and animated programming. Perhaps a similar strategy could be adopted for Joe, wherein specific waves or multi-packs would be devoted to accurately celebrating different aspects of the line's history, including the Marvel and Devil's Due comics, the Sunbow/Dic animation, the current Rise/Pursuit of Cobra story, and even related lines, like MASK and GI Joe Extreme. This would allow fans of any and all iterations of GI Joe a chance to get more of their favorites and make for a more colorful and varied assortment of figures on the shelves.

Between the exclusives and the mainline offering we are inspired by all eras' of GI Joe. The brand has a rich history and we constantly mine its vast heritage - but we also try to mix it up and keep it fresh and relevant at the same time.

There was a comment made at Joecon 09 (by several Official people) that the Transformers/ G.I.joe conventions would be merging and be held in Pasadena, CA in 2011, and that Paramount and Hasbro is behind this decision, to coincide with Transformers III and G.I.joe II. Is there truth to this?

There are no plans at present for the two conventions to be merged.

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