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Resolute was a huge hit with the fan community, Can you give us any type of update on this line: Toys, Vehicles, DVD release, etc?

It's looking like the DVD will be available this fall. As far as toys go, there is no plan to develop new toys based on Resolute, but we are trying to make a Resolute pack available to get the original Resolute figures into the hands those who want them.

We've seen a lot of cool unproduced stuff from the 80s is there anything you guys have drawn up that will never get produced? If so can we see some pictures? While the line is still alive, is any idea ever totally killed?

Generally speaking we do not release images of works in progress, including those that never make it to shelf. That being said, no idea is ever completely discarded.

Will any of the molds from the SDCC Destro be used in future figures? Or will their exclusivity be maintained?

We can not guarantee that the molds will never be used again, but it is highly unlikely that they would ever be used in their entirety to create the exact same figures again.

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