Hasbro QA 13

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1) Are more new characters, such as Helix, planned for the line?

Yes, there are more new characters coming, but the vast majority of figures coming will be based bringing classic Joe's into the movie universe.

2) If the makers of "Power Team Elite", "True Heros" and "Soldier Force" can produce modern military toys, emergency rescue response and futuristic adventure toys with high detail and enough extra gear to out fit the Marines, at an affordable price, then why can't Hasbro?What happened to the imagination and dare to be the best attitude that seemed to rule Hasbro in the 80's?

There are two issues at work here. The first is whether Hasbro and GI Joe want to be in the realistic military figure category or base the brand in the 80's GI Joe vs Cobra fantasy. The future will be in the 80's lore.

With regards to pricing, Hasbro has to cover a variety of costs and does its best to deliver its products at the best possible price. Looking at the Hasbro portfolio of boys products, we continue to reinvent our brands and bring out the best toys on the market.

3) If the movie is not a success for any reasons (accelerator suit, soccer moms, kids being dumb because of cell phones, etc) does it mean the end of GI Joe or will you still maintain a toy line following the huge success of the 25th anniversary and the millions of fans?

The GI Joe brand has been and will continue to be important to Hasbro. We can't wait for the movie to hit theaters!

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