Hasbro QA 12

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1) Now that GI Joe Resolute has come and gone, does Hasbro have any future plans for GI Joe in animation? Possibly in the same style and continuity?

We were thrilled by the reaction to Resolute and were really excited to be able to deliver that great animation to the fans. Hasbro recently announced its joint venture with Discovery Networks and GI Joe was mentioned as one of the brands Hasbro is exploring for content but it is too early to announce specifics at this time.

2) With Hasbro's lines of Star Wars, G.I.Joe, and Now Marvel figures, is the 3 3/4 going to become the standard scale for Hasbro? and if so, will you begin interchanging parts and molds between the lines?

It seems that 3 3/4" is having success across many brands and companies right now. There is no plan to create a standard figure type as each design team is looking for unique articulation and detail styles.

3) Will we be seeing any of the Resolute cartoon inspired vehicles produced ie Hiss tank, truble bubbles, Tomahawk, or the new Skystrikers?

There are no plans for this right now.

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