Hasbro QA 11/23

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We're very excited about the possibilities for the GI Joe 2: Retaliation figures and vehicles. What has been the toughest aspect of working on the movie line? Have you guys been working on your Rock imitations?

1A: For many of the new team members, this is their first time working on a movie brand and it is very exciting! The hardest part has been timing. The team has done an amazing job putting together a movie line on an accelerated schedule while incorporating some great movie likeness into figures. We are excited for you to see the line (and movie)!

The fans of the Hub's GI Joe: Renegades cartoon are sad the series went on "hiatus". When can we expect to see Renegades released on DVD?

Not Answered

From what we've seen at NYCC it appears that the Marvel Universe Professor X figure uses the SDCC exclusive suited Destro body. If this tooling is available to another brand what is preventing it from being used in the Joe line, for example for a suited Tomax and Xamot?

3A: The example you speak of was probably an instance of the vendor sharing the tool with another brand. This tool is still immediately available to us. Sadly, Tomax/Xamot in Extensive Enterprise suits are not planned for our line.

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