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If the 7 pack exclusives sell well, could we continue to see additional "classic figure" themed sets alongside the movie figures?

In the short term, there is not a plan to have movie and classic on shelf together. But, if the 7-packs are successful, there is the possbility of similar sets in 2010.

Why do you love Star Wars Collectors more? The AT-TE cost $99 at retail. The 5 GI Joe DVD sets cost $125...round it up to $150 to get the 3 figures with the Mass Device elements. When there was a production flaw with the AT-TE legs, Hasbro issued replacement legs to fix the problem. When there is a production flaw with not all of Set #3's Dusty figure having web gear, it was "a factory error". How can I get proper web gear for my Dusty figure?

In this case it is not an issue of GI Joe vs Star Wars but if the factory error was a one that could affect how you play with the toy or just one that affects the athestic of the toy. In the case of Star Wars, the new legs were needed to make the toy function properly...we would do the same thing for GI Joe is a similar issue arose.

What are the specific media (comics, tv, toys, movie) restrictions on the use of the name Roadblock? This has been a topic of great discussion in the G.I. Joe community for the past several years. The name is not being used (1) in the current IDW comic series that began in late 2008. All that has been said by IDW is that the name is off-limits, even though a character that looks like Roadblock is in the book (2) in the upcoming movie, even though a character that looks like Roadblock is in the movie. But the name is being used in other places (1) Hasbro produced eleven 3 ¾ figures with the name Roadblock from 2002-2008. Two of those figures were produced in 2008. (2) Hasbro produced a Combat Hero named Roadblock in 2008 (3) Devil’s Due published comics from 2001 to 2008 using the character name Roadblock.

Hasbro does not give out specific trademark info, but I assume the root of your question is why is Roadblock not in the movie and Heavy Duty is. This decision was made by the studio based on a couple factors….one was that the name Heavy Duty did a better job describing the job of a heavy gunner...the other was that given the tone of the movie and sheer number of characters already, a rhyming chef with a M-20 was hard to do justice to.

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