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Is there any chance of seeing more female characters ie: Cover Girl, Zarana, and Jinx, or even lesser female characters like Pythona, Vypra, Zanya, and Daina?

There is a chance you will see additional female figures with the movie.

Are there any plans to create accessory packs with weapons, helmets, and even alternate heads/ hands in the future?

There are no plans to create accessory packs (with weapons or heads) right now. We will also pass on this request to the collectors club.

The DVD pack Dusty has a new body construction with both a waist joint and a mid-torso joint. Is this going to be the body-style for future figures?

No this was a isolated figure and will not be the new standard going forward.

Is there any more word on what [the speculated large vehicle/playset release] may be?

We cannot comment on this right now.

Will Hasbro make more extreme condition packs and offer them as market releases [or online retail]

Based on the success of the EC packs, we are looking at adding more sets in the future. No plans are finalized.

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