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Any plans for exclusive mail in offers or a return of the "Flag Points" or "Battle Points" on the packaging?

There are no current plans for mail-ins this fall. However, this is definitely something we will consider for 2008. Keep an eye open for exclusives.

There has been some concern about the size of these Anniversary figures, and a recent article in Lee's magazine stated the figures were 4" tall. Are they noticably taller than the 3 3/4" counterparts?

The figures are between 3.75" and 4" scale. Some of the bigger characters are actually slightly taller to show realistic proportions. We are confident that fans will be thrilled with these new figures.

What can you tell us about the packaging for the single pack Anniversary figures?

Anniversary single pack packaging will be very nostalgic. This line is targeted to the fan of G.I. Joe from the 80s, including both current collectors and potential collectors. Nostalgic packaging will act as an on-shelf reminder to the great history of G.I. Joe and bring back postive experiences from our childhood.

Any chance of a return of the "Comic Pack" format?

The G.I. Joe comic was such a strong staple of the 80s that we would be remiss to neglect this part of our history. Stay tuned . . .

Any plans for traditional sculpt (vintage sculpt) figures at retail, or are those all slated for the Collectors' Club?

Currently the plan is to build on the new 25th style as the new standard for G.I. Joe. We are very excited about the reaction to this style and we would like to build on the initial success.

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