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Here is a list of the GI Joe line's vehicles from 1982-1994 and the most likely parts they are missing. Chances are if you have a vehicle, it is missing one of these parts. This list was compiled on the board, but mostly from Airtight, our resident vehicle guru.



Ram - Saddlebags

Hal - support leg, computer

Mobat - machine gun

Jump - cord/ gun (unbroken)

MMS - attached console/stand

VAMP mk I - gas cans, steering wheel


All pacrats - remotes (Flamethrower - unbroken legs)

APC - seat belt

Dragonfly - chin gun

Wolverine - tow cable

Headquarters - antenna, cameras, guns, unbroken jail walls, radar

Polar Bear - roll bar

HISS - unbroken guns

Fang - unbroken roll bar

Snake - weapon attachments, stand

Whirlwind - computer, gun covers

Skystriker - parachutes, seats

Viper and Falcon Gliders - very fragile styrofoam


Whale - vane & fan assembly (unbroken), missile boxes, missiles, depth charges, recon cycle

Skyhawk - stabilizers

Slugger - machine gun

Manta - unbroken gun, missile

Water Moccasin - unbroken skipedo, link bar, canopy window

ASP - blast shields

Claw - gun cover, missiles

Bivouac - canteen, cot legs, machete, axe, shovel

Machine Gun Defense - unbroken hedgehogs

Missile Defense - unbroken missile launcher, stands

Mountain Howitzer - shells

Watch tower - flag, light, gun (plus unbroken pegs)

Stinger - steering wheel, missiles

VAMP mk II - steering wheel, gas cans, missiles

Rattler (VTOL) - landing gear (unbroken), rear gunner's canopy


AWE Striker - hose/tube

Bomb disposal - mines

Bridgelayer - unbroken lift arm

Mauler - antennas, mudflaps, smoke launchers, tow cable

Silver Mirage - grenades, lights (sidecar & cycle), windshields

Snow Cat - windshield wiper, unbroken missile box, fender flares

Tactical platform - rifles, engine covers (two distinct covers)

Weapon transport - antenna, steering wheel

CAT (Crimson Attack Tank) - machine gun; same as MOBAT

Moray - lens light, depth charge, unbroken rear machine guns

Ferret - hose, missiles, storage cover

Flight pod - unbroken gun

Night Landing - knife, machine gun, shovel, engine prop, steering rod

Snake (blue) - same as 83

SMS (Sentry Missile System) - missiles, stand, console; same as HISS and MMS

Check Point Alpha - antenna, clipboard

Forward observer - pup tent, stand, scope

Rifle range - stands, rifles, sign

USS Flagg - "Y" pins x 2, deck clips x 16, radar mast cap, purge valve, rear deck railing, arrestor hook, tow truck tow and driver's chair, fuel truck's hose and nozzles, working microphone, crane hook and engine cover


Conquest - canards

Terrordrome - doors' struts and posts, gun caps, gun chairs, fuels hoses and nozzles, Firebat itself, AVAC himself.

  • Firebat - long missiles, short missiles (bombs), guns, landing gears

Devilfish - black hoses

LCV - periscope

Tomahawk - intakes

Air chariot - snake head & jaw, stabilizers, knob

Night Raven - windscreen, cockpit (unbroken), front strut cover, drone engine and guns

Stun - flags (unbroken), machine gun (unbroken), engine covers, hub caps

Outpost Defender - rifles, antenna

Surveillance port - antenna, radar

Dreadnok Air Assault - same as fang & sky hawk

Dreadnok Ground Assault - same as ram & stinger

Swampfire - rotor head

Thunder machine - antenna, mirror


Coastal Defender - ramp

Crossfire(s) - antenna sleeve, gun sights, missiles, restraint, guns, missiles

Defiant - See below for Defiant

MCC - hook for crane, rear missiles, lubes and hoses

Road toad - missiles, engine cover, hook & string

Slam - missiles

Buzz boar - missiles

Jet pack - missiles

Maggot - radar dish (unbroken)

Mamba - exhaust port (unbroken), tail fins

Pogo - antenna, tubes (long & short)

Wolf - side skis, unbroken canopies

Dominator - antenna, hatch covers

Eliminator - missiles

Marauder - radar dish

Sky sweeper - antenna, missiles

Vector - missiles, covers, landing gear

Vindicator - missiles, radar assembly

Dreadnok Cycle - pintle, gun shields, exhaust pipes

Defiant Complex

Crawler/ Gantry Section: Wheel retainer, Wheels, Panel covers x 2(they are distinct and different sizes so are NOT interchangable), Control turret, Scanner, Scope, Front windshield, Side windshield, Large cab interior seat, Engine grille, Radiator, Small quad-barrel guns & gun mounts, Ladder, missiles & guns - booster pieces, Transporter module & door, Wall locker & door, Revolving door (very hard to find unbroken), Sliding hatch cover & control units (2 pieces), Large nozzles x 2, Small nozzles x 4, Gun door x 2, Guns - Laser gun x 4 w/ missiles ( guns and missiles are interchangable with the gun assembly that goes at the front of the booster), Adjustable seat assembly (this whole thing is hard to find by itself), Adjustable seat x 2(have the back pegs, long and wavy shaped), Seat base x 2 (curved rotating piece), Seat frame x 2, Console x 2

Other parts: Cockpit entry door, Hatch covers x 3 (all different sizes and shapes), Swivel chair, Nozzles (Note, the nozzles for the Defiant and the Booster are NOT interchangable), Large nozzles x 3, Small nozzles x 2, Crane's Double cannon

Defiant shuttle Nose cone, left and right consoles, windshields x 3, left, right and middle tail fins, and tether


Desert Fox - antenna, front axle (unbroken)

Mean Dog - Gun ring, support legs

Phantom - nose cap, missiles, slides (for the cockpit), gun levers, seat belts, wing to glide bombs, glide bombs

Rolling thunder - antennas, chin gun, large gun muzzle, hatch, chin turret

RPV - long tube

Skystorm - rotor blade, hatch cover

Swampmasher - roll bar, missiles

Warthog - engine cover, antenna, smoke launchers

Adder - lift arm

Bugg - front guns (unbroken), intakes, exhausts, sled missiles, rudder (unbroken), rudder connector

Imp - mines

Stellar Stiletto - clamp

Demon - small cockpit gun

Despoiler - gun & ring

Night Blaster - Same as Maggot

Night Raider - Same as Triple T

Night Shade - Same as SHARC

Night Storm - Same as Persuader

Night Striker - Same as WHALE


Arctic blast - front guns

Crusader - console arms, tail fins, nose cone, tether

Mudfighter - side wings, bombs

Radar Rat/ Triblaster - unbroken antenna

Raider - scout craft dome, missile nose cones, unbroken gun hoses

Thunderclap - antenna, carriage missiles

Condor - large bombs, gun & gun ring

Devastator/ Hovercraft - antenna

HISS II - missile, seat clip

Evader - guns

Razorback - bumper, antenna, radar

Pulverizer - undamaged extension tube

Night Boomer - Same as Skystriker

Night Ray - Same as Hydrofoil

Night Scrambler - Same as APC


Avalanche - gray missile, hoses, gun nozzle

General - antenna, small missile, unbroken cockpit covers, locust bombs, working sound box

Hammer - tripod, ammo strip, side gun platforms (unbroken), gas can, unbroken whip antenna, engine detail, connector, shaft & steering wheel

Locust - bomb

Mobile Battle Bunker - entire top gun assembly

Retaliator - bomb, hook, string, rocket

Dictator - guns

Hammerhead - antenna, front guns

Hurricane - unbroken missiles

Piranha - antennas, depth charges

Rage - mines, hand rail

Dominator - missile


Attack Cruiser - mines, glider

Battle Wagon - string & hook, front gun, side guns

Brawler - grenades, armor panel

Ice Sabre - all (unbroken) except guns and missles)

Paralyzer - unbroken tube/hose on the gun

Battle copters - zip lines

Gliders - guns and glider is fragile


Barracuda - unused dive action tablet - in fact I don't think I've ever seen one

Headquarters - missile, tripod

Patriot - mortars, antenna

Earthquake - mortar levers

Parasite - bombs

Rat - spinning launchers

Battle copters & gliders - same as 1991

Fort America - thin missiles, flag


Shark 9000 - missiles, water tube, mine, sharkpedo

Detonator - foam missile

Monster blaster - lift arm, bracket

Invader - antenna, missile launcher

Dino Hunter - antenna, steering wheel


Blockbuster - missiles, tread, missile launcher door

Manta-ray - rubberband, propeller

Razor-Blade - spring launcher

Scorpion - gas can

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