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Phoenix Force Creations' Hair Sculpting Tutorial

This is a quick picture demo on making a custom hairsculpt for your 3,75 inch action figure particular for long-haired characters.

This method uses Procreate putty by with a mixture ratio of 60% hardener (dark) and 40% resin(white) , this is to produce a result with a rubbery feel so that the hair strands wont break or crack , and would just go along with the heads movement.

1. After mixing the putty , roll strips as thin as it can get in a desired length. Group each strip into fours or fives.

2. Attach one end of each group of strands to the head beginning from the back bottom .*

3. While attaching the strands , using your tools , you can bend or curl it in your desired style.

4. In about 30 minutes the putty starts to lose adhesion so better put a superglue on the area you are attaching it first.

5. When its dry usually in an hour you can paint it starting from the insides underneath, then the outer area.

6. Keep practicing and experimenting, i hope this helped.

Hair - work in progress.jpg

Replacing Rooted Hair With Sculpted Hair

Hit Girl's 1:6 scale "before" head has rooted hair that doesnt look right with its hard to control and maintain shape, and the mask looked too thick with very small eye holes. So, here is a little quick process to modify it.

1. Remove the rooted area of the head. Remove the mask.

2. Sculpt the mask onto the face thinly and cut the eye holes with more space under the eyes.

3. Sculpt the base of the head or skull.

4. Sculpt or apply gobbles of apoxie putty mixtures making the basic shape of the bob hairstyle to the head.

5. Apply the details or dents with a dental tool starting the deeper far apart areas of the sculpt, then aply thecsmaller dents and closer to each other ones lastly.

6. Paint the hair with a deep purple base, then highlight it with a metallic drybrush topcoat of purple +silver to mimuc the wig's shiny look. Paint the sculpted mask black, paint the lips with a more natural shade and add a gloss on top of it.

Head and hair sculpt.jpg

Special thanks to Phoenix Force Creations

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