Ghosts of Serpentor

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When Lance Sputnik was trying to figure out get tissue to hold the folds that fabric would at GI Joe scale for his Ghosts of Serpentor entry for the GI Joe Discussion Facebook group's Halloween 2013 contest, joemichaels70 let him in on a little technique his art teacher taught him using watered down glue. Sure it sounds like paper mache, but it's totally different.

Things you'll need

  • Water
  • White craft Glue
  • Container to hold glue and water mix
  • Q-tips
  • tissues (big enough to cover a figure head to toe)
  • Optional: glow in the dark paint
  • Not Optional: table clothe

There's no science. I didn't measure anything.

No residue on the figures. It's cheap. It's easy. It's clean. And you have plenty of time to work with it as it dries.

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