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Where can I find the Filecard Creator on JoeCustoms?

On the JoeCustoms tool bar, go to Guides/Tools and then select Filecard Creator.


Do I have to select all of the Optional Fields?

No. Only check the boxes of the Optional Fields you want included on your filecard. As the name implies you do not have to check any of these if you do not want to. Don't worry if you are unsure because you can go back and add and remove fields to customize it the way you want it.


What do the fields marked with an asterisks mean?

These are required fields If you do not fill them in you will get an error saying that information is missing.

What are the character limits to the fields other than the Bio and the Other Information fields?

There is a 45 character limit for all of the fields except the Bio and Other Information fields.

What are the character limits to the Bio and Other Information fields?

There are no character limits for the Bio and Other Information fields. However, you are restricted to the amount of text you can fit on the filecard. If you have too much text it will overlap or not be included on your filecard.

How do I add a picture for the filecard?

To select the picture, hit the browse button, follow the file path to your the picture you want to use, and click on it. Be sure that your picture has met the size specifications or you will receive an error.

What are the size specifications for adding a picture?

The size specifications for your picture for the filecard are 150 KB maximum size and must be 82 pixels wide by 147 pixels high in gif, jpg, or png file format. Also, the file name of your picture must not contain single quotes ('), double-quotes(") or spaces. If you need any help reducing the file size for your picture please see this tutorial.

In the drop down menu, select which affiliation's logo you want displayed on your filecard. In this case the Red Shadows logo was chosen. The thumbnail image below this field will display the logo you choose. You can see the Red Shadows logo displayed in the example below.


What does color choice mean?

The color choice option is about the color of the filecard itself. We only have the options for classic gray or tan. Sorry, no neon for Battle Corps filecards.

What is the back ground color?

The back ground color is what the field behind your filecard will be colored. It can be set to either black or white.

What does the file type mean?

The file type you choose here is what the file type format will be of your filecard when it is displayed.

What is the Bio field?=

This is where you tell us about who the character is and why they are special. Or what the vehicle is and what it can do. This field doesn't have the same 45 character limit. It is only restricted by the size restriction of the filecard itself. Larry Hama was kind enough to give us some pointers about how he wrote the filecards.


What is the Other Information field?

If you selected the Other Information field, you can add that information here. Mr. Hama typically used this section to have a 3rd person chime in about the character or have a quote from the character. Like the Bio field, you are not limited to 45 characters, but you are limited to the amount of space left on the filecard once everything is put on it.

What do I do if I get an error while trying to create my filecard?

This is most likely an error about the file size of the picture or about missing required information. Go back and add in the required information or picture.

Why is there overlapping text on my filecard?

If there is overlapping or missing text you have too much for the filecard and will need to edit it. Hit the "Edit Your Card" button and remove some of the text.

How do I edit my filecard?

If for any reason you don't like how your filecard looks, you can hit the "Edit Your Card" button and change whatever you don't like about it.

Sample filecard

How do I save my filecard?

Once satisfied with your filecard you can right click and save it or with a Mac mouse hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the image, then and select "Save as".

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