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The Featured Customizer for November 2012 wasn't a member of JoeCustoms. From what we've been able to discern, David Jensen wasn't an active member online anywhere. Not knowing what kind of person he was in life, all we have to go on is what can be found in the estate auctions themselves. In that regard he was a kindred spirit that we have all too much in common with. Within his extensive collection were several customs ranging from historical soldiers with highly detailed camo schemes to part swapped franksteins.

From the David Jensen Estate auction listings:

David Jensen was an individual who had several stories in his life. He was a model builder who had won numerous awards as a young person, he was a Vietnam veteran who suffered from war related problems, and he was an artist who had some "kinky" interests. David actually recreated a number of battle scenes, including the number of solders[sic], types of artillery, etc.

JoeCustoms member Raptor best summed up how many of us felt while viewing the auctions:

No, this was a dedicated collector and customizer - I suspect that if we don't know them then it's one of the Whales that they always talk about - the dedicated collectors that never made it online. He was obviously a man of means or connections to get stuff in those multitudes.
I have been looking at the lots for 20 minutes, and I am really feeling a connection with this guy. The huge effort that he made to do these giant custom projects. The literally hundreds of LBCs that he put together to have giant custom teams for display. I get why he spent so long and made such an effort to remove the silly yellow sleeves from all of his python patrol tele-vipers. The combination of 2 obscure figures (altitude and Python Patrol Crimson Guard) to make a really cool looking generic troop LBC must have taken forever to put together, but was awesome to behold.
I look at all the projects that he did, and the ones that he never got finished. I imagine where he displayed all of this, and the huge mock battles that played out on his bookshelves and tables. I feel like I kind of knew the guy - or at least this part of him. He was a guy with vision on a grand scale. All we see are the remnants of his obsessions, projects, and passions, but when he made this happen - it must have been amazing to behold.

Below is but a sample of the custom work Mr. Jensen accomplished.

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