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Below you will find the collection of customizing Field Manuals we've put together. The idea is that these can be printed and used offline to help you become a better customizer as you build your own resource manual.


Joe Con 2015

The first of the JC Field Manuals. This one was originally formatted to be printed two sided but doesn't have to be. It also includes what is the official cover of the overall manual if you were to print it all out.

Torso Cracking by HypnoHustler

Deconstruction: Boil and Pop by pluv

Photography: A Simple Cyclorama by joemichaels70

Painting: Basic Techniques by drbindy

Assembly Required 2015

The AR customizing Field Manual coincided with a VAMP kit we offered for our customizing class. However, the techniques discussed still apply to different vehicle builds.

Tiger Stripes

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