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Please make sure that your submission meets the Guidelines. If it does not meet that criteria it will not be added.

How do I submit a custom to the Gallery?

Step 1

On the front page, hit the Submit Custom link. You will need to be logged in with the same id and password you would use for the forum.

Click Submit Custom

Step 2

Please make sure you comply with the Guidelines above. They are also on the side of the Custom Submission page.

Step 3

Using the drop down menu, choose the type of custom you want to submit (i.e. Figure, Vehicle, or Playset).

Choose what Kind of custom

Step 4

Type in the Name and Specialty/Explanation for the character in the corresponding fields.

Step 5

Using the drop down menu, choose the which organization the custom belongs to. If it from outside of the GI Jeo universe it will fall under "Others".

Choose which Affiliation

Step 6

Click on the Choose File button to select at least 1 picture from your computer for your custom submission. Please keep in mind the 150 KB filesize limit and 800 wide X 800 high dimension limit on pictures. If you're having trouble meeting this limit, please try this tutorial on how to get your file below the filesize limit. The picture should also be a complete shot "head to toe" of the custom.

Step 6.1

You have the option of including up to 5 more additional shots of the custom. They must all comply with the size and file name restrictions.

Choose File for 1-6 pictures

Step 7

In the Parts Used field input the parts you used to create the custom. The image below shows the most common format, the Gallery Staff won't deny a custom based on how you list the parts. If you aren't sure for a part you can use a "?".

list or describe the Parts Used

Step 8

In the Bio/About field, type in the background information for the custom, any specs for the design, and/or about what you did to create the custom. Do not plagiarize the bio from the filecards, comics or any other written source since that is copyrighted material. There is a 400 character minimum limit that includes punctuation and spaces, but please don't use filler or it will be denied.

Give the Bio/About the character and/or the custom

I keep getting a "Your main image is too large dimension-wise" error. How do I fix this?

Your image is larger than the allowed size on the screen for the site. You should check this tutorial for hints on how to get it below that size.

I keep getting a "Your main picture is too large filesize-wise" error. How do I fix this?

Your image is larger than the allowed filesize for the site. You should check this tutorial for hints on how to get it below that size.

Why is there a 400 character limit in the bio/about field?

We'd like to know a little bit about the custom figure you are submitting. If it is an original character, who is he/she and what does he/she do. If it is a pretty well established character tell us why you chose him/her and what features you wanted to bring out. Or talk about what you did to customize the figure.

Can I update older customs?

Yes. If you want to have a custom replace an older submission or have better pictures added, re-submit the custom with a note in the name field that it is an update.

  • Example: Snake Eyes (update)

Please include all of the necessary information even if it is cut and paste from the original submission. Your original submission will be deleted and the new one added.

If you do NOT want your original submission deleted, then do NOT include the "update" note.

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