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What got you into customizing to begin with?

After seeing some of the customs on the internet (especially Evilface), Matthew and I thought we would give it a try. Both of our parents are quite crafty, and Matthew and I had made a few customs from Joe parts when we were younger (those can be seen on our site).

What custom work are you most proud of and why?

Probably my Spawn figure. It was a figure that came together from a lot of parts and just flowed nicely. To me, the bio just topped off the custom. I always thought with his face paint, spikes and chains that he would make a perfect Dreadnok. I hope I succeeded on all fronts for this custom.

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

Literally everywhere. Matthew and I call each other often, talking about a new idea that came from who knows where. Sometimes it is from a movie, something random from the store, etc. 9 times out of 10, however, Matthew is somehow involved.

What do you find to be the most difficult part of customizing?

Oddly enough, courage. I think that the best customs come from branching out, trying new things, which can be hard. It is easy to do the same thing every time. That is why I love the Group Projects. It seems that for me, I put twice as much work into a figure for the GPs, hoping to create something new and different. I think that goes for a lot of the guys here. The GP reveals are always great because not only do I get to show off my work, but I get to see what everyone else has done as well.

When it comes to customizing, is there any sibling rivalry between you and your brother?

Little to none. If anything, we are each others catalysts. I honestly feel that if Matt were to quit customizing, I probably would soon follow.

Do you have a favorite Mayor and chad_ghost custom?

While I like all of the Mayor and Ghost figs, the originals are the best to me. When I think of Mayor and Ghost, these are the two that come to mind. Without these two figures, there would be no others. I was trying to pick two others besides these, but I couldn't. From the Action Force, Sigma 6, Dino-Hunters, to the Wonder Twins (JCW), they are all great in my opinion.

Are there any customizers' work that you really enjoy seeing and maybe even feed off of with your own customs?

I always have to mention Evilface, even though he is out of the customizing scene. Other than that, I have to mention Matthew again. Though I love a lot of people's work (I won't name names because I know I will leave someone out), most of my vision and creativity comes from my ability to brainstorm with Matthew.

If time, money, and/or space weren't an issue, what would be the dream project you'd love to tackle?

Good question. Probably a half or full scale Cobra Island, including underground cut-aways, airstrips, etc. That would be just an amazing thing.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a customizer who is just starting out?

Dive in head first. Everyone will tell you that your mistakes are more valuable than what you have done. Ask questions, challenge yourself, and don't make the figures to satisfy anyone but you. If you can achieve that, then you truly have succeeded.

If there was a fire and you knew everyone was safe, what one figure and one vehicle would you try to rescue and why?

My Japanese carded v1 Cobra Commander and my Moray Hydrofoil. The Cobra Commander because the v1(.5) is my favorite figure, I love the Japanese card, and Matthew got it for me. The Hydrofoil because I had it as a kid and loved playing with it in the pool. Something about it just rocks!

If someone were filming The Life of Chad, what would you want included and how big a part would GI Joe and customizing play in it?

Definitely my twin Brother Matthew and the rest of my family and close friends. I would want to include my faith in Christ because it is the most important thing to me and has shaped me to who I am today. GI Joe and customizing, honestly, would not be a huge part, probably because it is not something that I let just casual friends know about. Everyone here knows what it's all about, but to most people, collecting and customizing toys is, for lack of better words, childish. Think "40-year old Virgin." I remember a guy on this board leaving simply because of that movie. Still, I can't deny the friends that I have made on this board, and I have even had the pleasure of meeting quite of few of them.

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