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For some customizers, making a figure is not enough - many choose to make file cards to accompany their figures. Others go further and create a custom card back for the figure to make it appear as if the figure was actually sold in stores. In this section of the JCwiki you will find a series of blank G.I. Joe card back templates, listed by year, that have been created by site members for use with Adobe Photoshop. Great care has been taken to make these card backs look like the originals, yet also distinguish them so that un-scrupulous people can't try to pass them off as the real thing.

==What's Required==

Required Hardware

  • PC or Mac Computer
  • Good color Printer
  • Card stock or Photo Paper

Required Software

  • Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements- All Card back Template are .psd files for use with Adobe Photoshop. This is done to keep individual layers.
  • Assorted Fonts - A list of required fonts will be posted for each card back.

Required Skills

  • Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and an understanding of how layers work.

==What Is Included==

Front and Back Templates are available for both the front and back of the card back from a variety of years and countries.

Quality All card back templates started as a 300 dpi scan of an original card back and were then modified in Photoshop. This size (300 dpi) was selected because it is at the low end of "Print Quality," allowing for a good finished product and still being small enough to allow for quick processing. Some files then required a change in the dpi further to make them small enough to upload, but they were kept at the largest possible working size.

Security Features Great care had been taken to distinguish these templates from the original Hasbro card backs. Each card features 22+ changes to distinguish them from the original. Additionally, many layers have been merged from the original build files, making it almost impossible to modify some of the security features.

Editable Text Most of the important text on these templates is still editable in Photoshop. This allows you to change the character names and information for your customs.

==What Is Not Included==

Artwork Artwork. No character art is included with the templates, either on the front or the back. You will have to add your own art to the templates.

Fonts Fonts can be expensive and carry lots of copyright issues. You must provide your own fonts, but a list of the proper fonts will be provided with each template to help you find the right ones.

Note: The exception to this is the 1994 Cobra "Knife" font. This font had to be recreated in Photoshop and is available as an image layer with the appopriate templates.

===Templates By Year===

(notes are for original designer/to-do list)

  • 1997 - Buy Cardbacks
  • 1998 - Buy Cardbacks

  • 2000 - Find and Scan
  • 2001 - Find and Scan
  • 2002 - Find and Scan
  • 2003 - Find and Scan
  • 2004 - Find and Scan
  • 2005 - Find and Scan
  • 2006 - Find and Scan
  • 2007 - Upload Front/Finish Back Template
  • 2008 - Find and Scan
  • 2009 - Upload standard, buy font for preview POC.
  • 2010 - Buy font for Standard POC.

  • International Cardbacks
  • Custom Carbacks
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