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Where did the forum name Blood Brigade come from?

Well first of all I still don't really like the name but I am kind of stuck with it. It was from a group of figures I built called The Bludd Brigade for Major Bludd. I just changed the Bludd part. Now I'm known for it so it's too late to change it now.

When working on a vehicle custom, do you start with the vehicles shells and turn them into something, or do you start with a vision of the finished custom and find the best vehicles to combine to form that vision?

Usually a vision, most of the time I build things in my head first, I don't do drawings. If you're into customizing you're probably good at visualizing how things will look. I feel like this is my best skill when it comes to customizing. Sometimes I like to challenge myself and take random parts and see what I can build with them. A few of my favorites customs have come from this. Like The MUTT and The Cobra Firestorm.

Cobra Firestorm

How do you achieve such smooth seamless cuts for your modifications?

I'm fussy, really fussy. I take my time to make the cuts. I will also file pieces down until they fit right and do lots of test fitting. If your build isn't straight it won't look right. At times I also cover seems up and build them into the design of the vehicle.

What’s the toughest project you ever worked on and what did you take away from that process?

My Schwimwagon. I wanted it to look a certain way and I wanted to use a lot of small and removable pieces. I had to build the whole interior, door panels, transmission tunnel, floor mats, everything, maybe not as hard as time consuming. I also used two sets of Vamp seats and just cutting those out is challenging.

I took away the satisfaction of creating exactly what I wanted. I will never build another one.

Blood Brigade swim1.jpg

I also find it tough doing commission work. It takes a lot of fun out of it cause I feel pressure to get it done. This is why I rarely do it, I have to really like the project.

What project did you have the most fun working on?

Probably my Cobra Commander in Dive gear, ironic because it's not vehicle but I have made tons of figures as well. It was just fun cause it didn't take long and came out perfectly how I wanted. Also my latest custom snowmobile I built it using the lid off an AVON cologne bottle....yes you read that correct.

Cobra Commander Diver
Cobra Commander Diver

Which custom fodder do you wish you had a larger surplus of?

That's a great question because I've got so much of some stuff but it's the small parts that make the build. Steering wheels for example, I won't use originals unless they are broken or discoloured. I'm always buying things like RC vehicles at the thrift store just for the steering wheel. I just bought some weird Hello Kitty car for the steering wheel, the rest went back in the donation bin. Also Wolverine treads and missile launcher, I could build hundreds of things with those parts.

Do you remember your first custom?

Actually I do and I posted it in the critiques section not long ago. It was a VAMP with a Snow Cat missile launcher painted in really bad winter camo. I still have it. My first custom was a figure that I also posted awhile ago. It was a robot with Cobra Commanders head. I called him Double Trouble it's over 20 years old easy and I still have it.

What piece of advice would you give to a customizer getting ready to cut up their first vehicle?

Practise cutting on some junk parts first, figure out what works best for you. I would also practise doing a few vehicle repaints as well, and be original, don't be afraid to try something you've never seen before. Also if you want your paint to be clean, it's all about the prep. If anyone is really interested I put tips on my Facebook page Blood Brigade Customs. Just ask to join. I always try my best to help.

What is the dream custom you’d like to tackle but just haven’t had the time or resources to make happen just yet?

I'm going to build a ferry out of two Mobile Command Centres...........Someday, that's all I will say.

They are making a movie about you, what one vehicle and/or figure do you make sure they show the actor portraying you with? Also, who would play you?

Hmm it has to be my Tidal Wave Hover Tank. It'd easily the most popular thing I've built so far. I get offers on that thing all the time, it's not for sale. Who would play me, well I really think Jeremy Allen White who plays Lip on Shameless is a great actor, but he'd need to lose all his hair and put on 150 pounds first.

Tidal Wave Hover Tank

Additonal work

You can find more of Blood Brigade's work in the Custom Gallery, in the Crtiques' section of the forum, in his Facebook group, and in his photobucket album.

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